Remove From Round

Hey folks, there is no delete button so please remove me from the current round.

There is no point playing with the current round set up.

Feel a bit shitty about it as there is suppose to be a special galaxy for things like this so it doesn’t ruin more normal game play. Sitting in 1 family with all these people is just a 3 week waste of time.

Remove my empire from the round and I might be back after this rubbish round ends.



Some people were complaining they couldn’t play with their friends because drafting was not enabled yet…well we fixed it you can play with everyone.


Also it could be interesting… a round of intra-fam conflict and a need to control the leadership… a more political round


I appreciate that Pie has been doing loads of awesome work of late and didn’t know drafting wasn’t up and running yet. Still this type of round has no interest for me or I’d have joined Manthano.

I don’t mind sitting this one out so if you can remove my empire then it frees up a spot for someone else who wants to play.

Damn Soul, this is a really lame response :sweat_smile: At least give a proper answer to it instead of this nonsense…

It can be interesting… it most likely won’t be. Its neither classic, nor SS mode galaxy.

well Hala, truth to the matter is. Imperial Conflict is set up now to run itself without any intervention among staff. Which is a good thing for the long term. In the future there should be some discussion among players on the voting options possibly. If we were to have to change the round setup after voting because it did not vibe correct then this would defeat the purpose of automatic round creations. I would love to see other galaxies running side by side from the “main”. In my personal opinion and not the opinion of Imperial Conflict or its subsidiaries i do not think we should ever have a option for 1 family in a round, there is no end goal but utter mayham.

The part that’s most disappointing has beenn the response to it. We’ve admitted we fucked up, but we really going to waste a month with this shit? This is dumb as fuck

That’s just ignorance to the admins own mistakes.
You create a large multiple-choice vote that leaves too much room to trolling (something like 5 serious options and 1 troll option).
Now out of sheer stubbornness we’ll have to sit out a round with a trolling-team that votes for someone who then marks everyone rogue so nobody can play - one hell of a way to chase people away from the game for a month.

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I never made an account but looks like it auto generated me one because I played last round? See this causing issues and taking up spots that shouldn’t when there’s a real round

  • Galaxy: Triangulum 28
  • Leader: ruler_4926c
  • Race: Wardancers
  • Family: 11015
  • Networth: 1148
  • Population: 5958
  • Planets: 1
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Well in two weeks youcan vote to surrender

That’s weird. Anyone else you know tht this happened to?

No idea just came to check forums today and saw that I had an empire so thought I’d mention it

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Lots to respond to here, ty all for the feedback.

@Water fixing deletion is higher on our list. The old way it worked had a few problems, both in terms of how it impacted the family but more concerning in that it was destructive with data. We are definitely going to bring this feature back though.

I disagree that there is no point, or that this is the same as Manthano. @You_Fool is doing a good job seeing this with an open mind, although I understand that it feels strange and unnatural.

Regardless, you should have the option to leave if you want. This option will return.

@ItchyShadow and @Hala you guys are partially correct. It was 100% my mistake to have these options available. Not because I think they’re invalid (I don’t, actually) but because it was too much of a jump from the old forum-voting system which never had these options.

That was an oversight on my end to not try to keep it closer to what players were already used to voting on. I should have removed this option, as well as the solo option. Neither was ever voteable before, and could/should be evaluated as options for separate galaxies.

However, it’s not out of sheer stubbornness that we’re not keeping this. It is a much simpler reason: I am just now in front of my computer again after over a week. This happened while I was traveling and out of town, I literally could not safely do anything about it until just now.

That’s kind of the point: if the game depends on me (or any staff) being here to make changes to a round setup, there is a much larger problem. I would rather focus on fixing that problem than manually intervening, because I don’t have enough time to do both.

Yes, it will suck for a month, but if I jump in now to change things I am only training everybody (including myself) that me stepping in is still the best thing when it just isn’t anymore. That isn’t stubbornness: it’s triage. It’s me finally prioritizing the longer term need for IC to fully sustain itself.

I used to plan my life around IC rounds starting, and I don’t care to do that anymore. People are making a ton of noise (understandably) about this situation but it will be fixed (in the process, not manually) and we will never have this problem again. This is how it has to happen; if I keep manually stepping in then I will never have enough time to fix things properly.

Still, I screwed this part of the process up which I fully admit. It’s a costly mistake, but me trying to rectify it in the short term will be much costlier in the long term. I have not been shy about the fact that if I can’t get away from IC enough to let it run itself in my absence, I will have to shut it down.

My time must be focused on dev work, not administration, and having moderators manage galaxies isn’t a fix either. IC must become scalable and autonomous. If I don’t get this working in 2022, then 2022 will be IC’s final year.

There are practical reasons for my reluctance, it isn’t just me being a stubborn idiot. Sometimes it may be :ic_tongue: but in this case there is a bigger reason for things.

@MEMEGA you being auto-queued for this round is by intention. It’s akin to the old “stay in family” rounds we had years ago. I need to fix this though to give players the option to opt-out ahead of time, and also the option to leave the queue.

Both of those things are high on the priorities, as well as some kind of notification system to let players know what’s happening before it happens.

Thanks again everybody, I know this is really annoying to say the least. Even though I am not providing the immediate solution you all want, I am listening and changes will come from this that I think will make things better in more ways than one.


Landed with 2 inactive / rubbish players.

That’s me out for another round.

Feel free to delete me / kill me off.

No point at all playing SS and just getting farmed.


Sounds like they are better off.


Yes Cell IC is obviously always better with less players.

Maybe you can bully more people until they leave?

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No one said that but yourself.
I did however suggest they would be better off without that quiting attitude you carry

Well I have been in the top 5 for sometime now.

On my own, with no help.