Release 2020.3 Plan and Volunteers

Release 2020.3 is open for volunteer testers.

Now that the dev server is here again, we could use a group effort to:

  • Help evaluate priorities for the next 6 weeks
  • Test new features
  • Troubleshoot game issues and test solutions

We’re moving a lot of this planning work away from the forums and into a new tool called Glo. We have a public board here:

This process itself is still being developed, but the goal is to become more efficient and focused to help us deliver more in R2020.3 than we did in R2020.2. Some specific goals:

  • improving the battle formula and logic, including fixing any existing issues
  • building the MW75 Recommendations that we don’t currently support
  • improving our promotional efforts
  • continuing to improve the new player experience
  • delivering other stuff from the existing roadmap

Ideally, this process will eventually supersede the current roadmap with something that is more of a living document.

Work will be discussed primarily on Discord and Glo. Volunteers will be credited, but chat/test activity is expected and idlers will be booted.

If you want to be on The Release Team

A Patreon sub is required to use the dev server, but non-Patreons are still welcome to discuss priorities, features, and solutions. The Glo board will be publicly readable.

If this sounds like something you’re interested in, please open a help ticket in Discord and let us know that you want to participate.