Refresher Question

Its been a long time since playing

I cant remember how important population is to bankers.

Is it best to let pop grow naturally and concentrate on building tax offices and cash factories? Or is it better to have some living quarters also?

I guess LQs are important as there is no real need for them as an attacker.


LQ are basicly useless nowadays with the short rounds. CF give immediate income and give a higher return. LQ together with TO are too expensive and too slow.


Attackers generally want a lower net worth so their portal/laser/fleet costs and build times are lower via Construction Research.

LQs would deffy add NW.

I would suspect there are a few guys out there that are good enough at diplomacy they can still turn a hella profit Population Banking.

@Hala comes to mind.


Its all coming back to me

What would a pop bankers building ratio be?

75% lqs and 25% tax office?

IIRC bankers stayed away from cash factories in the old days unless it was the beginning of the round.


Back in the day this was a pretty hotly contested ratio.

Not being a cash banker myself (ever) but protecting some of the best of them - I have seen the arguments of the ratio of TO’s fall between 28% and there were a few that felt the number (while being so well protected they carried next to no fleet) rested as low as 16.8%. My clan was the first among major MW clans to adopt CF banking family wide to notable success. We only “allowed” a single monster pop banker. Mainly the reason we allowed it at all was Pop bankers add hella NW to a family which was “scary” from the outside. Usually these guests were either our old friends or remarkable players in their own right.

In todays game the modern “Muncher Style” leader ( @Lord_Pickle ) I played under hit 33%. That banker did make hella cash, and was worth the investment. Again tho, the fam was stacked, and Pickle is a political beast.

Even with that… I think something in the last two years changed to Pop growth or LQ profit ratios (seriously - I am not a banker). So that number may very well have changed.

The last multi round stint I played I had resurrected my long time CF banker / Co-leader @Ved and we only built CFs (no TOs) and finished in the top 1-3 in every fam category in final score and production. There is more note comparing than you might think at the highest level. The EoR jump is a loose barometer, and we are pretty selfless on that. There are tricks that can inflate that as well… So like with most things IC it can all be somewhat fluid.

The LQ/TO ratio of the truly skilled Pop Bankers is likely somewhat of a secret. It might be best best to hit them up on discord so they are free to share what they know or give you pointers based on your situation.

At this time the only active current player in Uni I would flat welcome to play Pop however he wanted would be @Hala . He knows the history of it, undoubtedly has the math to account for changes, is acutely aware how to abuse research for maximum return, and likely knows minute details about defense costs all which clearly effect the bottom line.

Don’t get it twisted… He and I are primarily rivals. If I could summon one of the old Pop gods from my fam channel to play a round or two - I would suspect he and Hala would have some note comparing in a private chat.

Being a fly on the wall that day would be worth it’s weight in gold.

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Don’t count me out I can keep up with hala


Oh I wouldn’t!
Im sure he would appreciate a challenge!