Reduce number of families in MW66?

Is reducing the number of families in mw being considered?
Pretty hard for bottom families when inactives are removed but no-one else is joining.


I’d be okay if they merged some bottom families together. Merge 4th from last with last and second and third from last together

Merging fams as they are would put the new fams at too many players; nearly double the standard.

What we can do though is give families the option to disband, but only if over 50% of the family votes for it. Making this voluntary should address the complaints we had from this feature the first time we tried it.

I’ll send out some instructions to fams shortly.

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seems good to me. hopefully the bottom fams agree could make it a little more competitive which would be great

My initial plan to use forum polls won’t work, we need this to be built in game.

No ETA on doing so yet unfortunately.

nice idea, would be good to get some of the active members back into active fams. being in a fam of in actives is just hopeless.

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