Redesign market

The current market is strict player to player. One empire sells, another empire buys, transaction done.
This is based on the ‘very old’ Imperial Conflict, the one with hundreds of empires in one galaxy.

Current empire numbers in a galaxy are not comparable. This significantly changes the family interaction part, and -in my experience- made the whole thing a lot more personal.
People keep grudges, there are a lot more ‘Unofficial Alliances’, and because of the hugely decreased number of market transactions, make it A LOT easier to market aid.

The suggestion would be to change the entire market to a player-to-game market. [not my idea, this has been pitched many times before, I’m just pitching it again]

Create an artificial market price trend, and artificial supply. This keeps it possible to (sometimes) get resources from the market, but also makes the market a strategic asset, because sometimes you might want to buy from the market to prevent it from going to other families, without -what is currently the case- knowing you’re directly sponsoring your enemy, because everybody knows they are the only ones who could be offering such amounts.
This also prevents market aiding - which is currently round and round again, ruining the game.

Creating a market like that also introduces the nice opportunity for new galactic events.
Because the traders on the market would no longer be empires, but fictional traders, resource specific galactic events can be introduces, like:

the Endurium trading planet of “Qualapiro” has gone into complete lockdown because of the coronavirus, heavily reducing the supply of endurium. This causes endu prices to go up to 98

Let me know your thoughts on this!


Should be made more sophisticated for sure

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I like this idea

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Its been done before I remember atleast one time where it was artificial prices

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The market in manthanho is close to pointless at the moment, means virtually every player is having to use the same SS strategy.

Fixed market, or a varying market would be far better.

I’m going to bump this on our priorities. We have some old broken code that used to do this. I’ll see if I can fix it and make it a galaxy setting.


I like aspects of this idea but as an overall concept not so much as it will basically only aid the larger fams that have the excess to monopolize the market mid to late game.

I definately think there needs to be an artificial base price but I think there should be the following implemented in place of artificial artificial supply…

  1. Prices should be determined by supply and demand as a percentage above or below the base point. This price would need to be built into the coding so it reflects market supply/demand and stops players from setting prices.

  2. A Market Fee or tax for cancelled buy/sell bids or timed out bids. If you put a 30%-50% tax on these people will think twice before trying to manipulate markets.

  3. TIMED BIDS! If a bid is not completed within a certain time frame, the bid is cancelled automatically and the tax or fee is applied to the remaining bid. So if you have a bid for 1m food and you get 500k sold to you, when it cancels you are taxed on the 500k that did not get bought.

  4. First bid in, first bid out. Difference in price can either be absorbed into the market or refunded to player. To do this you would need a buy price and a sell price which should allow the market to balance itself out.

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