Race & Empire Names


Maybe I’m wrong on this but it seems LOADS of potential race/empire names are already taken. Like you try to create a race and on a lot of occasions it says…

“Sorry that name is already taken, do not collect $200, do not pass go, try again”

That IC has some databank of names which I’m guessing many are for players and accounts who have not played in years and are unlikely to return any time soon.

Could we not purge that data base of names so the much smaller community has some new cool names to pick rather than many of them been taken.

I find this extremely annoying in theme families.

Like often you want to make a cool theme, cool race or empire name to fit that theme but you can’t because its been used by a player who probably hasn’t played in years.

I don’t like the fact you can’t delete races either, I would prefer just deleting a race than the disable / enable thing.

Kind of annoying that you can’t pick certain names if they are used, like if a player hasn’t used that name in like 3 months then someone else should be able to use it.

I noticed this a while back with a Halloween theme, you know all the names were taken already by players not using that name.

Maybe the best solution would be…

If someone is not using name in the current round, then you are allowed to use it.

If there is no one in that round called Vampire, then you can use that it you wanted.

That would make race creation easy to fit themes ect.

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It’s supposed to work that way already with empires, only limiting it to current round.

We can expand it to races too, without deleting/purging data. I am reluctant to purge our game history as it has value, but we don’t need to purge it to fix this. I just have to fix the checks on races too.

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How come race names are unique, if they already have an ID? The only people I see it benefiting is on a per empire basis to choose the right race in new empire/evolve. This could be alleviated if you just show the preview of what the race is (the list of spells, ops, etc. that we already have for new empire) on the evolve section.

It’s one of many artifacts from the original code; some stuff still behaves in ways that make no sense.

The whole race creator is in sore need of updating, but the name uniqueness is an easy enough fix. It just needs to be prioritized alongside other things.


Seems like an easy fix and a warranted one.


Thank you Pie and hope you don’t mind me throwing out a few ideas.


Not at all, keep ‘em comin! :ic_happy:

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