PvC MW61

This rounds map is very interesting. One big zone in the middle without any homesystems, while the top fams meet in the corners.

The placement actually provides with with very equal starting positions, making this round start accentuate skill, rather than lucky placement.

With the attack delay to be lifted soon it’s time for a short overview on Pretenders vs Contenders!

No clue?!? (5576)

Before you know it you have blood stains and sperm samples all over your core and no clue where they came from. Solid team with three active attackers, lightguns leading and off to a good start. Hala, Rookie and Xenon Banking. Hellz attacking and two players that remain anonymous. Their map placement is right next to noobs (5570). The question everyone wants to know atm. Are they napped with the noobs?

Size: contenter for the win
NW: who cares. Probably second

Legitimate Noobs (5570)

Before round started this would probably be the most underestimated fam out there. But noobs they are not. With 100% of them online straight over the last 7 hours this is the most active bunch out there. Gimmix is leading here. Their economy is booming. With two camaar attacking this might be the most powerful fam out there. Besides gimmix, I have no idea who their attackers are. I wouldn’t be surprised to see some big names showing up later into the round.

Their motto is: don’t get farmed. I expect they will do the farming though. Neighbours #5574 better prepare. 5570 vs 5574 might become the fasted war this round.

Size: contenter for the win
NW: contender for the win

star ships (5574)

Dronze leading here. According to him they are a couple of “old farts 3-4 rounds off the pine… couple of slackers but staying to come around:)”
Little ambition here to win size. They will probably nap everyone and save up for NW win

Size: pretenders
Nw: contenders for 2nd

Original IcDeath sucks (5573)

Easily the most overhyped fam this round. ICD, Pitt, Tja, TBO and Pickle are not hiding. They are coming for you. These veterans know their game. ICD his fams have been second in size pretty constantly the last 3 rounds. Time for a win you should think. A good moment for MW58 Dominator and MW58 champion to team up as attacking duo. The thing is, this is not MW58.

Size: contenter for the win, but probably second :wink:
NW: who cares. 3rd accidentally

Mighty ducks (5575)

Cells leading. Also seeing Lee, skratch and swagga. I expect some internal fam battles there. With noobs north, no clue south and icd adjacent to their west these guys will have a hard time unless they do some good politics. Pretending on all ranks because of being out gunned by top 3 fams around them.

Size: pretenders
Nw: pretenders

I am the Future (5572)

Vegnarok is leading here or should I say teaching. Depending on how high their leader is they may actually climb a few spots. ICD south of them will ussually go for bigger fish. And north of them there is a good practice area in 5571 core.

Size: pretending 4th
Nw: pretending 4th


I feel sorry for Caedmon for landing in the most inactive fam ever. Not directly adjecent to any of the top fams they might secure a decent core, but lets not kid ourselves. Pretenders. Their leader hasnt even shown up since sor… Best thing for them. Kill everyone t=49 and draft a decent threesome thats likes a challenge.

Size: last
NW: last

Some random round predictions:

First nap breaker: 5573!
Planet count of fam that ends in last: 77
Planet count of fam that ends in first: 1733
Most memorable war: noobs vs icd
Biggest nap payment: 143 planets
Biggest fleet crash: swagga / niganti
First to loose a defence station: 5575 Duck to 5573 icd


LG i guess your not a fan of Donald’s lol, Nice read you did good thx.

wish i had time to play this round… will wait for frosty and munders return:)

Thanks LG for your work…this isn’t easy



update? :slight_smile:

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1 Mighty ducks (5575) [6,59] 653 4390606 24244

Doing well, war with 70 is soon or already going.

|2||100% Original (5573) [75,44]|817|3882567|27806|

Infrawhoring and being lazy
|3||No clue?!? (5576) [16,86]|715|3439649|23241|

Just chilling, no idea? Or is it no clue:slight_smile:

|4||(5571) [63,11]|602|2914157|22226|

Haven’t seen then do a lot, but I’m lazy.

|5||100% Villians (5572) [82,76]|468|2488051|20765|

They are a special kind of special… owe 70 planets but decided to war again, 2nd fam not third. They are semi lazy.

|6||star ships (5574) [32,14]|446|1068476|20430|

Stuck in a round war, nothing they can do but idle…

|7||100% Noobs (5570) [9,15]|315|901899|20822|

Refused to nap 74, now are in a 3v1 with 74,72 and 75.

Probably not going to amount to anything sadly.

All pretenders!

Did Chill come back? Him, Talic, WinME, and Dispo were the 100% Original fam (round 17?).

They r all nOObs anyway

No, the family took the name because no hiding was allowed in this family. Original names, no connection with the past family with that name.

Dark you ready to play yet I’m ready for someone crazy in my family again :wink:

you are the noob whiteshadow :stuck_out_tongue:

Wow… That took a lot longer than I exspected… That’s what happens when two families don’t keep exploring.

As of this tick, E-stage is officially OVER!

With 73 vs 76 a new era of exploring has started

And 72 has decided they wish to farm 74.

War starts in 21 hours!

Yes 72 wants to beat 73 in planet size.

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gonna be quite a challenge to take that many planets from a fam the size of 74

Did 72 just get outjumped lol?

Yes lol

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72 going down down down haha

I am off work for next 2 1/2 days going to hammer them 24hrs a day like the old days :slight_smile:

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