PVC Live Show and Podcast

I am gauging interest in rebooting the PVC live shows and podcast for the upcoming round. I have done these with a few different people before and if there is enough interest I would be looking to do it again.

So if you enjoyed what I produced before, and would like more content please let me know here.


Hell yah sir!

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Oh ya, we wouldn’t be able to stay away from it

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Only people from my own fam have posted here lol


People eat up PvC’s. It’ll be a hit

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Yeah, you just have people from your own fam posting here!! Wait… I’m in that fam too :joy: :partying_face:

i was hoping my liking the post would show my appreciation for it :slight_smile:

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will it be IC radio? :stuck_out_tongue:

And yes, good initiativ MTG!

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Sounds cool!

i wanna be a guest!



Ooooo man…

That’s a lot of ego on such a small platform… I don’t know if the world can handle it.