Pretenders vs Contenders MW 69

#6609: Finger Lickin Good- TBO’s fam I could see these guys having a decent start, and even making some noise coming out of the explo stage. I see them losing a war and finishing outside of the top 5.

Contenders to be top 5 during explo, but not to win.

#6619: House Draconian- Hellraiser and luster veterans fill this fam I really like this fam. They are not my favorite, but they have enough talent in this group to contend for the top spot. I am not sure if allies is allowed ,but I feel like they would be key to their success this round.
Contenders for top 5 and possible the win if my favorite fam happens to faulter.

#6610: The Donkies Lethal and Rizzy Keynote this fam and that isn’t a bad thing. There’s 15 fams and I see them being middle of road at best.

Pretenders for top 7 unless others really under achieve.

#6612: Intelligence- Lee Hydro Highlight this fam, and even if that was all they had I would place them high. I feel like this is 1 of 3 teams to beat this round. They will have a strong econ and not a fam to take lightly in war.

Contenders for the win. One of my top 3 favorite families.

#6608: If you kill us, you kill Stan- Whiteshadow fam and so many want to see him fail due to him recruiting them to play this game when they first started. Jokes aside this is going to be a decent family and a near top 5 finish is possible.

Pretenders for the win ,but contenders for a top 5 finish.

#6618: In Search of Carpathian 3bearempire- I am not high on this fam at all. I see them in the 10-15 range ,but most likely closer to the 10 spot. Not that they are bad they are just not good.

Pretenders for anything higher than 10th.

#6617: The Elderly- scorp and undeath These guys being on the same team makes them a fam you have to take notice with. I like them ,but I wouldn’t put a ring on it.

Contenders for top 5

#6616: Number of the bea1st- Zanharim fam seems semi active good enough for middle pack. 7-12th

Pretenders for first and last.

#6615: Emperors Of The Universe- I am not crazy in love with these guys ,but if they can get organized I could see them making some noise and not just being fish food for the galaxy best.

Pretenders for bottom 3.

#6614: Rick and Fucking Morty Bitches- Random and Darrk Contenders for 1st and also my favorite fam this round. Econ will be on point and I know if these guys want to win this round the only thing that can defeat them is theirselves.

Contenders for 1st the golden State warriors of Imperial conflict this round.

#6620: Remove this Fam @Pie :joy: - I don’t know what ,but I kinda like these guys. A top 10 fam and just a solid bunch.

Contenders for top 10 this round.

#6613: Penguins 2.0- A ragtag group that could be decent ,but Leader has a history of going inactive and apparently prebuilding cash factories is hard to do.

Contenders for top 5 if fam gets it together and leader can stay active

#6611: We suck worse than nickleback- Nickleback is pretty bad so these guys are doomed.
On a serious note unlike 6613 it seems like these guys at least know how to make some cf’s

Contenders for anything below 7th place.

#6606: No fam name yet ,but I like them to finish top 15

Contenders to finish the round.

#6607: Mercenaries Could that really be flint I don’t really think so for reasons, and I am not high on this fam. That said I just kinda want to lump them in with many fams that could be ok ,but not great. This is ok and there is no shame in finishing top 10.

Pretenders to finish in top 5



@Jets The first PVC god returns!

Uni is way more fun with your crazy ass in it dood!


Fitting you return for the first round @Random and I have gotten to play together (for a full round) since the last time we did.

Don’t forget meh drafts tho!
@RenegadeDamon lead a top 5 fam for most of the round last round, and @Tishxo (his wife) Rand and I got to train up for half a round last round.


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yeh i sorta noticed that their is sorta like a new bleed of players. That started more recently ,but put up good ranks. I have to get to know them first. :slight_smile:

Should be an interesting round and I am looking fwd to it.


I was around back in the day, 2002-2008 mostly. An older account I can’t remember though.

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lol jets back too :smiley:


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@Abbot fuck you.

Otherwise nice PvC

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MW 69 PvC by the all-great at losing HydroP

Ok so, I was asked to do one by multiple people so I will throw out my rival PvC for everyone to shit on.

To start, there are 16 newly created accounts in MW this round. Seems a bit high, but Pie did some advertising and emails so we could have some new blood or returning players who forgot their login details. We have averaged around 7-8 multi’s per round so I do expect that number to be the same, if not higher, after last rounds debacle (hiding players/multis)

On top of that, there seem to be multiple returning players that have decided NOT to take part in their families and some have been marked rogue with one player already deciding to jump a massive fleet 45 hours before he can even use it!

I am using a legend here so people understand what these terms mean when they see them:
Marked Inactive = MI
Marked Inactive + Rogue = MIR
Rogue = R
New Account = NA
New Account + Rogue = NAR
New Account + Inactive = NAI

So here goes in numerical order:

Lineup: Ordos, oldie, Valoland, stormwold (MI), Idamel (NAI)

The only person I really know in this fam is Ordos. He is good and I am told that oldie is a returning player who is good as well. A fam can compete with 4 players as was proven last round so we will have to wait and see their activity level before we get a better idea of what they will accomplish.

Prediction: 10th


Lineup: Flint (NA), Vorkosigan, Jace, LargoPeePee (NA), huntsharks (NA)

I do not know if this is the real flint or not. A new account? Seems unlikely. As for the rest, I literally have no clue who any of them are. Activity levels will determine their ranking but I dont have high hopes for this fam.

Prediction: 14th


Lineup: WhiteShadow, hoit, Kunter (NAR), Marju (NA), Translucent

They have some solid players. At least 4 of them. I dont know anything about Marju but I am told he is playing as part of the family. This fam will def be strong in the attacking department but what remains to be seen is whether their eco will compete among the top fams. Dont sleep on them, thats a mistake.

Prediction: 4th


Lineup: MTG_Dad, TBO, ICDeath, axel, Abbot ®

3 very good players and I know little about axel but he seems active in chat. If they do not play lazy, the could compete. Especially in eco. What they are going to lack is the ability to take on fams with real attacking power. ICDeath can attack, but he would be alone in that department and he is not really a big fleet guy at all. They will struggle to gain planets in wars unless they end up farming. That would probably get them farmed.

Prediction: 7th


Lineup: Rizzy, Lethal, Pingu, Kujjer, Konrad (NA), Missylin

Another fam not to sleep on. I can see them being a force both in eco and attacking. A lot of this will depend on activity of some of the lesser known players and who they can ally with to protect themselves, but definitely some nice skill here in this fam.

Prediction: 5th


Lineup: Royal, Sintrix, Zaipher, Fasmus (NA), Grandmaster, Gideonss

I do not know a lot of the players in here except Royal and Sintrix. This is a family that could potentially surprise people, but it could also end up being a farm. Hard to predict this one.

Prediction: 11th


Lineup: HydroP, Ploddy, Tmoney, Exposed, Bender, Lee

We are active. I can say that. Whether or not we have the skill to compete remains to be seen! Anything else I say is simply bias!

Prediction: Top 3


Lineup: Bannockburn, Frenzy, TastyLand (NA), Mclaren, Jets

I know who Frenzy and Jets are. The others I have never heard of. So looking at this fam from the outside, I would say not a strong fam. Yes some experience with the 2…but 2 players wont compete in a round like 4 can. So, you other players in there better step up!

Prediction: 13th


Lineup: Darrk, Rando, Renegade, Tixsho, Tymo

What can I say? They are a damn fine group of players there with only Tixsho lacking experience. Trust me, she is active and it wont matter in a fam with those players. They are going to compete for the win and there is little doubt about it.

Prediction: Top 3


Lineup: Swagga, Lightguns, toxinLT, Letorix (MI), Wheelfiends (NAI)

3 solid players in this fam. The problem is that it is only 3 players…they are going to need some more help otherwise they will just get outpaced and eventually eaten by fams with more eco and morale. If they do manage to get a 4th and 5th player…watch out for this fam!

Prediction: 8th


Lineup: Zanharim, Zeratel (NA), Easyway, DRDragon, SirGoddard

If this is the real Zeratel, then they have 3 solid players and the potential for 2 others that could help this fam really compete. They lack attacking power from a skill position, but good allies and strong eco can make up for that.

Prediction: 6th


Lineup - Oscar, Scorp, Undeath, Mangozza (NA), Kala (NA)

Again, its another fam with 2-3 good players and the potential for a major letdown with their other randoms. If those randoms show up, they will compete for a top 10 spot easily. If they dont show up…expect some of their members to not try so hard and they will fall in the ranks.

Prediction: 12th


Lineup: Spike, Hellfire, Mizzle, Dreadoco (NA), Grimsky

Spike is a solid damn player. Mizzle (if active) is going to be a major help for them as well. I expect them to run around the middle of the ranks and if the cards fall their way, they could potentially end in the top 7 somewhere.

Prediction: 9


Lineup: Hellraizer, Cells, Anput, Will, Vrtra (MI), Luster

This fam has some solid players in Cells, Luster and Hellz. Anput is going to be a very active member for them and Will appears to be as well. I expect this fam to compete for the win just as much as any of the other top fams in the galaxy. Great eco and great attacking power. Seriously, watch yourselves around them.

Prediction: Top 3


Lineup: Dukey, Luker89, Munder, GeneralMonash (NAI), OrangeDomain(NAI)

Luker89 is leaving, Munder had the chance to be drafted into competitive fams and passed. That means this fam is left with just Dukey for the time being. They are not going to compete for the win. They could at least try and compete for anything but last place and I would applaud them for it. I hope you can reach at least 10th, but I don’t see it happening.

Prediction: 15th

Ok, so there are my picks. Now it is your jobs to go out there and show just how stupid I am with predictions. Best of luck!



You are gonna go and mess up a wild PvC with all your organized, well thought out, analytical wordy words!


It’s like you have been studying uni this round or something.

Only mistake (in both) is picking 6614 to do well.
We all hate each other.

It’s all dick pics and “haz cheesburger” idiocy memes in our chat.
And that is just because I am alone in the chat. I am pretty sure they have their own and won’t invite me.

I don’t even fucking know who Marty & Rick are. :man_shrugging:t2:

Fuck cartoons.
I am a real man, I watch cooking shows and (well) all the dick pics I post.
In my solo chat.


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These guys are my darkhorse pic.
@Swagga is way better than people give him credit for.
@The_LiGhTgUnS is an eco beast, and a great tick fighter.
I would draft @toXinLTT any round.

Rooting for this group.
They prolly have draft slots.


Great PVC hydro can’t wait to show you guys we can hang in that top 3

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This is like wearing white to someone else’s wedding :stuck_out_tongue:

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My fam? A farm? :joy::joy: Y’all funny…let’s just see…


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Nice :slight_smile: Should be a fun round!

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He speaks the truth :joy:

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Fam #6609 will soon have me in it :wink:

Ok folks, here is a 24hr update for all of you on the comings and goings of the galaxy!

Keep in mind that early rankings rarely tell the story of a round. Wars, quitters, farmings and all types of nasty, conflicty things happen in these parts through the course of 6 short weeks!

One of the most difficult things everyone has to learn is that for your entire life you must keep fighting and adjusting if you hope to survive. No matter who you are or what your position is you must keep fighting for whatever it is you desire to achieve. George Allen, Sr.

Anyways, enjoy :slight_smile:

#6612 - Intelligence

Predicted Ranking: Top 3
Current Ranking: 1st

We started off with 1 more player than pretty much every fam at a full 6 and all were active. Couple that with a solid starting strat and right now our eco looks good. It is still early and I have been known to mess up horribly 5 days into a round…and who knows what it will look like a week from now!

Updated Prediction: Top 3

#6619 - House Draconian

Predicted Ranking: Top 3
Current Ranking: 2nd

Yep, this is my ally. They actually had a few setbacks if you would believe it! They are pushing hard and strong and have some solid attackers to go with that eco. Nothing surprising about this fam at all.

Updated Prediction: Top 3

#6614 - Rick and Fucking Morty Bitches

Prediction: Top 3
Current Ranking: 3rd

Umm, language much? Geez, you act as if there are not 12 years olds who never played this game! That being said, their potty mouths are continuing to push them forward with a solid eco. Their start strat was different than the top 2 fams and it remains to see if that will work in their favor or cause them to fall behind a little in eco.

Updated Prediction: Top 3

#6608 - If you kill us, you kill Stan

Prediction: 4th
Current Ranking: 4th

WS fam is showing just how good a 4 man fam can actually be. They are sticking in strong and are not going to be a fam you want to end up facing down the road. Highly skilled attackers, active econ guys and out for blood. Don’t sleep or you might wake up missing half your planets…

Updated Prediction: 4th

#6610 - The Donkies

Prediction: 5th
Current Ranking: 5th

Yeap, just as I figured they are sitting up in the top 5. What I didnt realize is that they have Bahamut in the family and are going to be getting Sol_Invictus in the fam as well. Anyone scared yet? You should be!

Updated Prediction: 5th

#6616 - Number of the bea1st

Prediction: 6th
Current Ranking: 6th

Ok, so I am going to stroke my ego a little bit here…6 out of 6!!! Alright, I am finished.

They look good. Lagging a little in eco right now but that is with players missing. If they get 1 more active player (a skilled attacker) they will be a scary fam I assure you.

Updated Prediction: 6th

#6611 - We suck worse than Nickelback

Prediction: 11th
Current Ranking: 7th

Congrats to the first fam to prove my PvC wrong for at least 24hrs! Royal, your fam does seem active and that is impressive. In my defense, I did say your fam could surprise people!

Updated Prediction: 9th

#6606 - NO NAME???

Prediction: 10th
Current Ranking: 8th

They are doing just better than I predicted they would. That is a testament to their skill in eco and desire to compete. I like them here! I am not sure they have attacking power to compete in a major war though. Pick your targets wisely!

Updated Prediction: 8th

#6615 - Emperors Of The Universe

Prediction: 8th
Current Rank: 9th

This fam started off badly. Like very badly. And all the sudden shot up the ranks. So they had a poor start but made adjustments and are showing themselves to be worthy of the prediction I made before. Don’t slow down!

Updated Prediction: 7th

#6609 - Finger Lickin Good

Prediction: 7th
Current Rank: 10th

Not sure what caused them to slack in the eco department. It isnt skill so I assume it is an activity issue somewhere. Pick it up guys, you are supposed to be one of the solid fams that enjoys one or two good wars!

Updated Prediction: 10th

#6617 - The Elderly

Prediction: 12th
Current Rank: 11th

Yeah, I hated putting these guys so low in the ranks to be honest. There is some quality in this fam but a lack of numbers is just going to kill them. That tends to drain on player’s desire to compete and they end up never moving up the ranks.

Updated Prediction: 11th

#6607 - Mercenaries

Prediction: 14th
Current Rank: 12th

Alrighty then, so you are better than 2nd to lose! Maybe, prove me wrong. I aint changing your place.

Updated Prediction: 14th

#6613 - Penguins 2.0

Prediction: 13th
Current Rank: 13th

Jets, slap your folks around…motivate them. Hell, pay them off! Do something but please climb the ranks and prove me wrong. I am wishing you nothing but the best of luck…unless we fight.

Updated Prediction: 13th

#6618 - In Search of Carpathian

Prediction: 9th
Current Rank: 14th

This is by far my biggest fail in the PvC. I really thought this fam was going to seriously compete for a top 10 spot and right now it looks as if they are not trying…at all.

Updated Prediction: 12th

#6620 - Remove this Fam @Pie :joy:

Prediction: 15th
Current Rank: 15th

Did I get your fam name right? Yup. Did I get the prediction right? Well, everyone predicted this except Jets…sorry but this is the fam that never grows.

Updated Prediction: 15th

Ok, so how did I do for 24hrs anyways? Trust me guys, this won’t stay the same throughout the round. As I quoted above, do NOT give up chasing your desires. You can’t compete for the win? Ok, set a realistic goal then! Are you 14th and want top 10? Go for it! Make this round fun, exciting, and most of all…clean!




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Nice update @HydroP
Your turn @Jets

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