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Muzzling PA is like clubbing a Girl Scout.

I mean sure - you get to get a good clubbing in, but even the most hardened weirdo feels sick after it.

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Hi @Darrk,

Certain posts were flagged as off-topic, and correctly so. The original thread was about re-evaluating a game formula, but others were hijacking it to talk about a bug.

The posts have since been unhidden and moved to their respective threads in #support:bugs.

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Stop being prejudice against Pickles

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The standards (“rules”?) are so subjective they don’t even seem exist.
The automated response is hollow.
The staff will often not tell you the offending line if you do change it - they still often don’t unblock, unhide, or even advise.

What are we supposed to do @you everytime they act like little bitches?
You are taking a break - they are dancing on the line of an i’ll defined system.

If you can’t swear, and you can’t tell someone to fuck off (as wonderful creative as this forums are famous for) say so in the rules.
If the fourms have to be family friendly please say so.

This is starting to feel al0t like subjective censorship by people who play the game - and therefore have an unfair advantage.

The issue wasn’t swearing, it was that the posts were off-topic.

Also, the flags aren’t necessarily by the @moderators. Flagging is a tool for the community to self-moderate, which means they can be used by anybody. Even you! :smiley:

Your issue here isn’t with the Staff; it’s with whoever flagged the posts. By design, this is anonymous.

Lastly, any player whose post gets hidden by a flag is sent the flag reason automatically, and can un-hide their post themself by editing it and fixing the issue. A flag can therefore be resolved without the Staff being involved. That’s the whole point. :wink:

Please see the following for more info:


Good to know!
Thanks @I_like_pie.

Still think they are trying to control information to some point because their little girlfriends never get hidden, but to be honest - don’t have time to type about it right now.
In many posts just “the girlfriends” comment would be enough for them to shit on it.

Perhaps you could just ask them to be more objective, less petty, and less instantly vindictive.
You know, because they are.

I am deffy not the only one complaining about their antics - but the link helps!

This wouldn’t make sense; their “antics” here as you describe are community actions. You’re attributing blame to mods for something they are not responsible for.

If people are complaining about such antics, they are missing the point of how these flags work and just looking for a reason to blame the mods. Of course, this is hardly a new thing. :ic_roll_eyes:

Trust me, I have no desire to defend mods from improper actions. I’ve banned mods before, after all. :ic_winky: If members of the team are doing something I don’t agree with, it would be fixed. That is not happening here.


I think it’s better than it used to be, no KT means we get away with a little bit more haha. :stuck_out_tongue:

Trust you about IC?
Honestly I think the only thing I trust more in my life is my toaster.
That fucker never fails to heat bread.
Still… pretty close.

Just wanted to get it on the books that there deffy has been some chumpage smell going on, and some of the more experienced (if not colorful) characters have smelt similarly.
Thank you for taking a bit 'o time on this.

Now - back to the shadows!
You are on a break!

The break is suspended a bit while I work through some transition stuff. :ic_happy:

Fwiw, We are dissolving the Moderator team for unrelated reasons, but this should assuage your concerns here.

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You trust your toaster? Reconsider that position, please.

Toasters are more dangerous than sharks, causing nearly 800 deaths a year due to electrocution.
The heating element in a toaster reaches more than 1000 degrees Fahrenheit.
Now throw in the fact that the typical toaster is made in China as cheaply as possible.