Possible Build Bug

Hey folks.

I joined up the other day and was unsure if my family was active.

I couldn’t find any family forum so was really struggling to communicate with the family.

In this case I decided to go SS thinking I might not get any aid.

I built some CF to keep me going but then suddenly realised the family was active and sending aid, in which case I cancelled the CF build.

Maybe 2 ticks later I get a message saying…

“You have constructed xxx CF’s on your home planet”

So despite cancelling them I still got a message saying they had been built.

I checked the planet and none had been built.

Not sure that makes sense but basically it seems if you cancel something you still get a message 3 or 4 ticks later saying its been built, despite it not been.

I would suggest people perhaps try building 1 CF and then cancelling it and seeing if they still get the successful build message later.

‘ghost builds’ have been a bug in this game for decades. Sometimes you randomly get another players construction summary in your news or in this case your own cancelled ones.