Somehow not sure how I pulled it off but I have two portals finishing on the same cord different ticks.

Wonder do these planets need to be sabed and cpff twice hahaha


Any one any idea how this happens? @I_like_pie?


Funky indeed… :thinking:

@Cells was that planet opped at all recently?

Also, do you know if you built it via mass-portal building, or as a single portal build?


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Portal was sabed then i rebuilt it, not sure how i had a 2nd port started there lol may have been started through a tab then maybe i mass portaled? I have no idea haha thats why i showed screen shot because its not even that believable :joy::joy:

Ill take a look in 3 hrs once im home to see if i can retrace the chain of events

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Yes it was sabed im not 100% sure how I pulled this off still but im assuming i had the planet open in a second tab, I must have mass portaled then seen the tab open hours later and clicked portal? Lol I have no idea how I did it