Portal Construction Bug after Sabotage

One tick before a sabotage of one of my portals was to take effect, I razed the portal and started a new one. The following tick I was notified the portal was gone and there was no portal shown building on the Planet View page. This annoyed me as I had started a new one, but chalked it up to a learning lesson about the way the sabotage spell worked. Therefore I started a new portal once again.

Hours later I looked at my empire’s Overview and saw that there are TWO portals building on that same planet, one an hour apart of the other.

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Smart attackers will demo a port right after it being sabotaged and start a new one. If they have high enough con, they can get in a new portal within 1-4 ticks after the sab would take place. :wink:

Too often an attacker will not test that planet once it is sabbed preferring to wait for the portal to go down.


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With two portals, will you get both the good and evil Kirks when your ground steps through?


You don’t actually get 2 portals. It is a m00t build.

@HydroP Thanks but that is not the point.

The Planet View page should’ve shown the portal under construction. The game should not have allowed me to start another portal with one already under construction.

The lost gc and resources are trivial in my case, but perhaps not in others where this has happened.

If you raze (any) infra that is building, it will ghost on the planet page for a tick.
It will even show lasers that aren’t there.
Deffy frustrating when you are trying to put together a reinforce wave in a complex fight.

Is absolutely right.
Insta razing a portal the tick it gets sabbed is leet tech.
Hell, I never talk about it because it seems like no one does it.
Made me a bloody mint in planets over the years.

That is why you always wait till the last second of a tick to harm portals.
The more you know! :dizzy: