Population bug

This doesn’t look right to me. My current pop is over 100% of the current potential population I should meant to be able to have.

25,550,524 / 20,006,020 (127%)

Did your science % in welfare drop after a recent increase in NW? That would explain the smaller max pop vs. current pop.

I don’t have any welfare bonus, I haven’t researched welfare at all this round.

I suppose you didn’t destroy a bunch of LQ’s in that tick? Missclick error trying to replace CF/RC with LQ?

24 hours of idle time. 1440 ticks
119,746,039 / 117,657,379 (101%)

I think max pop increase due to science is only updated once a day or so, hence, slight differences like the one you show @TheBigOne are explained by that.

Quote from the old ‘faq’:

A factor which can enable you to have more population than your max pop is researching in welfare science. If your planet can have 10,000 as a max population and you have 50% in welfare science, your max pop still remains at 10,000, but your actual population will be able to rise to 15,000 (10,000 + 50%).
Welfare science only gets updated once per day, so the effects will not be immediate.

However, Apoc says there’s no welfare science etc. and 27% is quite a lot… no clue how that can be explained.