Politics Forum

The politics forum used to be a pretty active part of our community.

These days, however, many people prefer to escape the political drama that seems to be everywhere.

To solve for this, we’ve re-introduced the politics forum for those who want it, but you must first join the new @Politics group. Once you’ve done so you will have access to the #general:politics forum.

Those of you who would rather not have to hear any of that, you will be remain safely free of the hubbub. :slight_smile:


ahhh, when i saw that MEME thread i was just about to ask to bring back politics :smiley:


Lol yea. I was just proud of my clever meme.
I didn’t expect it to go big like that.

A handful of threads have been moved over. If you participated in these discussions, you were automatically added to the new group.

You can leave the group by going here and clicking “Leave”.

Is there a current Politics Forum?

Vote beer. Vote love. Vote life.

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Let’s go Brandon

I vote Life, Liberty, and Justice for All!

It was removed again awhile back due to inactivity during some forum cleanup.

We can discuss political/real-world stuff in #general still.

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