Playground Draft Round Setup Polls

So just my 2 cents on round setup.

  1. These decisions should be made before the round signup happens. Numerous players decide if they are playing or even leading in a round based on the specific round setup. If these round setup was included in the round signup, so people knew exactly what they were joining it might make a difference.
  2. I dont think these should be a vote from the community. I also dont think everything should change every round. I have talked about seasons, hot fixes, nerfs, and patches in other games before. THis should be a feature that is used to draw players into a specific round. Havnt played in awhile? THis round has unlimited defense stations. Didint like last round set up? this round nerfs everything and has unlimited evolves. This should be decided on by staff, and should be a tool to create excitement for a given round, not as a voting tool that happens in the middle of round setup

Thanks for the new post. But this is not specific to just playground setup polls. Its every round. Doesnt matter what round it is.

We already do #1 for other rounds.

For playground-draft rounds though, I agree with #1. In retrospect, we should have reversed our process. The downside is, if voted upon, it would require more time if signups are delayed.

#2 is trickier. We’ve done what you’ve suggested before and it causes other problems with players who don’t want new features. It’s the usual “you can’t please everybody” problem.

We are planning to overhaul this entire process though. What we have right now is neither ideal for players nor sustainable for staff.

He’s got a point do you guys ever play classic rounds when there’s enough players