Player killing

Come on man, you PM’d me in chat about that thread, you @mentioned me, and you referenced me wanting players to police themselves.

I didn’t even know about the thread until you specifically told me about it this morning in chat, and now you’re saying you didn’t bring me there?

I didn’t randomly pop in to criticize you, and why would I be trying to affect the outcome of any of this? What stake do I have in who wins? I don’t even know what family AW is in.

Take a breather man, I don’t care about your guys’ dispute. What I care about is you telling others that their actions are “player killing” and bad for the game when you yourself actually player kill.

If you can manage the conversation without throwing that around, you’ll find that I have little interest in the rest.

We talk in chat all the time.
I point out all kinds of shit I think you would enjoy, you like to read.

I called you here 8 hours ago to remove me from the think tank group, you told me to not do that, I said “Understood”.

Then 7 hours later I say your name, well gratz you own the game - it will come up.

I don’t know a single player that hasn’t, or been in a fam where the leader hasn’t.
Shit AW himself helped me remove a player last round.
I have done it with PA and been admonished for not doing it fast enough.

The double standard is palpable.

Yes, and 12 hours before that you were giving me a heads up about this thread before it was posted. I’m not here accidentally.

The false comparison is palpable. Neither AW nor PA have been as openly blatant about their penchant for removing family members.

But yeah, I agree that there are 2 different conversations going on now. I will leave you and @Airwing to hash out what you need to.

For future reference though, if you’re going to @me in a thread, don’t be surprised when I actually enter the thread. That is what the feature is for, after all. :man_shrugging:

Thaaaaat makes it better?

Thank you.


Not saying it’s better, I’m saying there is no double standard, which is what you falsely claimed.

There ya go @Darrk, not sidetracking your topic anymore. :stuck_out_tongue:

Popcorn Panda time!!!