Planet Page Update

So, for any of you who have had 100+ planets (600+ for some of us in Infinitum), you know how much of a nightmare it is to try and build on some planets and not others.

I have to literally click a checkbox for every planet I want to build on. When that is 400 planets…it is a nightmare!!! I took me almost 15 minutes to do it.

So…I propose 1 of 2 abilities

1 - Shift+Click/CTRL+Click = For those of you familiar with things like Excel or many other programs. I can click on the first item, go to the last one in the list I want and hit Shift+Click and it will select all of the others in between. I can then CTRL+Click a few rows down if I choose to and do it again with Shift+Click allowing me to bypass specific planets if I choose to while selecting multiple planets at a time.

2 - Drag & Select = Allow me to simply click and drag my mouse over the check boxes I want to build on and it will select anything inside of those boxes.


It would appear that option 1 does work! However, this only works on a PC…not mobile.

So a feature needs to exist in the mobile world for this. The most likely option would be a drag and select feature.


Yes yes yes! :grin:

for obvious reasons : +1

Doesn’t #1 already exist?..

Apparently it does! Learn something new…

So did I. Had no clue that was possible,

Edit: Works on Windows and Mac.

Aye, some of us are not kept around for much, but we may still have a trick or two! :grimacing:

@HydroP can you split these up into their own threads per-feature? It will help us track and prioritize them.



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Awesome, thanks!

We can keep this one open for the drag + select request.