Pie fixes everything

Pie’s legendary prowess is so widely renown that signs have been made to pay tribute.


I better go find that sign and take it down, before people start expecting it!


Pie… since, despite your professing not to, we know, you do…

And could you fix the scion vs Nai thing… Scion was my game race name…

… and hope you are well. (if not, fix that too while your at it) :wink:


fixed. d’oh :stuck_out_tongue:

also, @Nai it’s very good to see you. you should put up a post in #general:introduce-yourself so the new school players can meet you and say hi :slight_smile:

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Ugh, that would could take a day to write… lol

But, sure… Be happy to!

and yes… as you can see, you DO fix everything :slight_smile: lol

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