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All hail @Picklearmy! We invite you to try his creation below.

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Pickle’s Playground Map

An interactive version can be found here:


Time Settings

  • Turns: 1 Minute
  • Length: 48 Hours
  • Starting: 2017-12-30 16:00:00 GMT
  • Ending: 2018-01-01 16:00:00 GMT
  • Market Delay: none
  • Offensive Operations Delay: none

Size Settings

  • Galaxy Size: 80x80
  • Planets per system: 1-3
  • Systems: 658
  • Planets: 1302
  • Families: 15
  • Family size: 1 (Solo)

Other Settings

  • Morale formula: classic
  • Unofficial Alliances: Allowed
  • Starting Resources: 10x
  • Max Defense Stations: 3
  • Cores: 0

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