Petition to end Blackeye 3 early

Its time to move on. No point in keeping it going. Let’s end it and get something new started.

  • End Blackeye3
  • Continue Blackeye3

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End the round please.


If your family mass delete then it will be over


most likely won’t happen. also killing off the new player(s) in our fam will just stop them from playing another round. @I_like_pie will kill us all for running our new players out the door.

EDIT: it’s one thing to end early and another for them to be killed off by a player that in their eyes is supposed to help them

Well I have space in my family for your new players. Send them over.

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@Soull said: We’re not into the habit of ending rounds because one family got beat

I will honor that decision to keep round going 6 weeks, but in return I expect Soul and anyone else to honor players’ decision to delete if they do not want to play anymore. Being inactive until remainder of the round would be an option, but only an illusion of participation. Nobody has said anything about killing anybody, just deleting and that is an option this round, so anyone doing so, is not doing anything illegal or wrong.

I hope this round’s result is considered as a failure and leads to learning about what kinda round setups are accepted in the future. Not pointing any fingers, it was voted on and everything.


I voted for the 2 fam setup so I take full responsibility

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It was a trap! :laughing:

End the shit show


Yeah I wanna start a new round

I don’t see a poll on this, Pie is building some surrender thing so that should be done late 2021. Just delete and then it’s over.

There is clearly a poll made “petition” poll. Go vote.

Why are people whinging then. I did vote thanks.

The feature is done, but the round (technically, empires) must be at least 2 weeks old.

Most players will be able to vote to surrender tomorrow. At that point, the round will end without any need for staff involvement.

Oohhh the round ended! The have taken the knee! They have surrendered! BOW DOWN TO YOU RULERSSSS!!!