Patreon Updates: ALL base rewards for $1, ads, and more

Greetings all, I’ve got some exciting news!


ALL base rewards are now available for $1 on Patreon, including custom galaxy creation, bypassing the 2-galaxy-per-player limit, and custom forum tags.

Instead of being only available for $15, custom galaxies instead have a player limit in effect depending on your tier. More on that in a bit.

Patreon Sync

You can now sync your Patreon info automatically by clicking on the “Donate” link on the left nav:


You’ll see a button here to connect with your Patreon account.

After doing this, you’re hooked in! Easy!

Patreon Ads

To help garner support for Imperial Conflict, we are now showing Patreon ads on the right page section, below uni-news and fam forums. This will rotate between the existing community discussion list and Discord widget.


If you’re still seeing this even though you’ve already subscribed, connecting your account will fix it.

Simplified Tiers

We’ve reduced our tiers from 5 to 3. The new tiers are below:

Imperial Defender ($1)

  • Credits on :new:
  • Create custom galaxies, previously $15 :tada: (1v1, open to any players)
  • Remove all Patreon ads :new:
  • Bypass the 2-galaxies-per-player restriction, previously $5 :tada:
  • Custom forum tag, previously $25 :tada:
  • Recognition as an Imperial Conflict Supporter in our chat and forums
  • Access to private members-only chat and forum
  • Access to IC Radio’s weekly post-show group hangout

Imperial Conqueror ($10)

  • All previous rewards
  • Producer Credits on the home page :new:
  • Create custom galaxies, previously $15 :tada: (for up to 10 players)

Imperial Legend ($100)

  • All previous rewards
  • Executive Producer Credits on the tick-update page :new:
  • Create custom galaxies with no player limit (previously $15)

We’ve raised the price of no-limit custom galaxies in order to allow every Patreon subscriber to create a custom galaxy. Most customs have been much smaller than our official galaxies, so this shouldn’t be too disruptive.

We hope this approach encourages players to experiment, and are very excited to allow custom games for more players.

Thank you!

As always, your support is very much appreciated. If you’ve already subscribed to us on Patreon, I want to say again how much it really does help move the game forward.

If you haven’t yet subscribed, I hope the changes above make it more worth your while. :slight_smile:

Have a great day, everybody!


Will we be able to keep our current pledge?

Yep! If you have a custom galaxy running it will stay the same. The new rewards only apply going forward.

Nice. Hopefully this will encourage more paid support to keep things running.

I’m a Patreon now. And you already know what I think is the most pressing issue, and the one that once fixed would encourage me to play again.

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