Page Names in Browser Tabs

Simple addition that would be awesome for us PC users. Can we have the page name show in the tab?

There’s my HQ, map, family, market, and military pages open, if I remember correctly. Nice that the forum has a different icon.


Wouldn’t work for me, I’ve usually at least 15 different pages open and usually get less than 4 words showing

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I’ll do what I can to reduce space. “3,5:11” instead of “Planet 3,5:11” for example.

Combined with reducing the need to open so many tabs in general, this could end up being pretty handy. :+1:


This all I see on my browser tabs :stuck_out_tongue:

I see 6 characters there in each inactive tab to work with. Plenty of space. :smiley: :wink:



These little quality-of-life improvements go a long way! :slight_smile:

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This has been completed via Dynamic Page Titles.

Thanks for the suggestion!

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