P VS C MW 70

Official thread of MW 70 made by the creator of the pretenders vs contenders Jets himself.

I look forward to a fun round.
Congrats to everyone for finishing 2nd through tenth.

At least I won’t have to write 100 of these at round start.

Please be courteous of others. Trashtalk is fine, but do not get personal. We can do this I believe in us.

Mw70 Marks a turning point for us as a community and as a game we love. We have to make it great. We have to be the law. Personally going no allies and ask other leaders to do the same.


Jets, you got a link to one of our old PvC threads…if i am gonna take a stab at it, would like to follow that format again.

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I’m in! can’t wait for a PvC, even though it still feels like a new thing to me…

also w00t! a Nai!!!

Will update tomorrow night or Saturday morning

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First off i am not gonna list every player in every fam sorry if that dissapoints some of you that just isn’t my style. When I write one of these it is for fun and informational use only. My predictions are usually pretty close to accurate so I hope you enjoy it.

I will be honest this isn’t my best work I do hope you enjoy. I know Nai should have one out soon , and maybe hydro will bring on his own take on MW 70. Enjoy the reading before round and don’t forget to comment your thoughts on my thoughts down below.

1 #7051: U WOT M8? [86,15] 8,800 8 40,000 Daffy is leading along with Dukey. D and D is at this together and it isn’t Dunkin donuts or Dungeons and Dragons a missed opportunity if you ask me. We are now 1 hr 40 minutes away and 6 players are showing online. Other members in Mr.blonde,missy, luker, and an old returning player seraphim that was respected back in their heyday. Seems he had a lost account or 2 as i remember him from a much earlier time if he is the same guy. Any fam with Dukey in it is gonna actually be alright he won 2 of the last 3 rounds of mw. His fam tends to be more diplomacy then warlike threats. Whiteshadow is here ,but he said he is only playing for the first couple weeks and internal struggles may have even cut that time even shorter. With WS this fam would be a contender for the win ,but i am assuming what i was told is true and he will be leaving sooner or later. Looking to not cross paths till WS is gone. If he stays we will fight and have fun.

 Contenders for top 5 pretenders for the win sorry Dukey 

2 #7050: Onwards and Upwards [34,62] 8,800 8 40,000 This is Hydro’s fam and he has been downplaying this round hard. I am not really trying was he trying to pull the wool over other families eyes. I see he is on quantom and you think he isn’t even attacking at first glance at least. Hey boo boo I am smarter than your average bear. I see him trying to pull off the fast research strat like last round with the extra science. I for one is not fooled one bit by this. Other members include the rock star and still pretty newish player goddess of the dead. Interestingly looks like she is attacking instead of banking. Fam also includes you_fool, along with many other older players playing their first round back in awhile. If people are slow to Come around it could be a slower start than what hydro is used to ,but all said and done this fam will prob still be top 5 out of e-phase.

Contenders for top 3 pretenders for bottom 3 

3 #7057: Originals [88,91] 8,800 8 40,000 Saying this fam isn’t stacked would be an understatement ,but will these guys all perform at their best most likely not. Led by Ordos along with names like Luster who doesn’t have to worry about Nolio hunting him down anymore. The triple T’s TBO, Translucent, and The unknown all decent and solid players in their own right. This fam may hope that IC-mafia lasts forever so the The_unknown continues to log in. To be this far listing names and not listing Hellz is criminal ,but his activity has been a bit spotty as of late and he may not be the great he once was.

Contenders for top 3 pretenders for bottom 3 

4 #7056: Houses of Westeros [58,65] 8,800 8 40,000 Ic_death and pitbull back at it ,but they rizzy and Kingrey also This is more than a 4 man family this is a family that is built by lucky randoms that may be able to do some of the needed diplo for Ic_death. I like the fam ,but someone has to do not as well as the others everyone doesn’t get a partcipation trophey you know. This is a war game and getting in a war with these guys is gonna be painful for anyone that opposes them. In an overall weak lineup of attackers these mediocre players combined can finish top half or right around the middle of the pack

Pretenders for the win contenders for the top 5 

5 #7049: Priest and the Devil [35,13] 8,800 8 40,000 Airwing is back and he has brought Pickle back with him. After one round left will this family be rejuvenated enough to take one these other 8 player juggernauts in front of them. Honestly I am not sure they have it in em. There’s other players here ,but untill they prove they can still hang what is the point. The first round back is a culture shook slight changes in a game you played can really take some of the wind out of you.

Contenders for bottom 5 Pretenders for the top 2 

6 #7053: Who Framed Jetsica Rabbit [9,39] 8,800 8 40,000- Finally we get to my fam. Which includes Easyway and Hoit along with protoss. Help me is the only thing you will be saying when we cross paths. We are playing hard this round and not scared to not work in some built in excuses like most of the other families in the MW universe. Like most of the fams We might be slightly weak in the attacking area ,but we plan to make that up with top or near top econ this round.

Contenders for the win. Pretenders for last 

7 #7052: Black Magic Saints [59,90] 8,800 8 40,000- Swagga’s fam I can tell you he isn’t gonna like this. I think he really got unlucky with randoms I see some names I recognize ,but names that haven’t been anything in sometime. Do I think the fam will be a top fam I do not. I really even don’t know or can’t remember some of these guys. Vicious apparently we played together and I can’t remember.
Someone has to poorly I am sorry ,but contenders for last and pretenders for 1st prove me wrong swagga

8 #7055: [13,87] 8,800 8 40,000- MTG_dad’s fam and I like it. I didn’t say love I’m not putting a ring on it or anything ,but suddleties is a lot to like. Player1 a player not in a big or top fam ,but played his heart out and never gave up. This fam has friggen Nai in it an econ master ,but some players that played with him called him sorta selfish or a hoarder. Come war time Nai would send you all these funds and you would be like where did this come from one of the greats of all time when it comes to banking. This could be a really good all around fam, and i mean this when I say I am rooting for you guys second is all yours.

Contenders for top 5 Pretenders for the win or last 

9 #7054: Goats [61,35] 8,800 8 40,000 Fam is led by Nightwish and the core includes thirdrock and kratom. A solid family on paper ,but the game is not played on paper. Activity and some unluckiest with randoms will give this fam not the best of starts. Will they be able to recover and will nightwish be a deadly force once again. Only time will tell this story and it’s a choose your own adventure book.

Contenders for bottom 3 Pretenders for top 3 

10 #7048: IC Mafia [85,65] 8,800 8 40,000- Tishxo is leading for the first time and is playing with 2 alltime greats in Genesis and Torqez Greats in there era no doubt ,but many would place them side by side with the all time greats also. Activity with these 2 could be an issue ,but I am pretty sure they could play the game with their eyes closed. 3BearEmpire is a player I like as he played in a lot of subpar fams ,but always gave the old college try no matter what. Add in a player such as Tymo and they may do just fine. Tishxo Has her hands full with these guys I would compare it to a college basketball coach now coaching in the nba you can’t teach them how to play the game you just have to help motivate them to play the game the way they know how to. Another fam I really am rooting for.

I can't count out genesis ,but activity and maybe an unlucky random or two could hurt their early game. I see them finishing in the 4-7 area middle of the pack though which isn't bad with so many great fams this round.

Pretenders to not have fun. Contenders to push for the sky this round.


So I’m waiting for NAI’s PvC now? @Nai


Lol I’m just going to be happy if I make it through the round :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::woman_shrugging::crossed_fingers::see_no_evil:


Thanks for the love guys. I know nai is a bit behind ,but for you that don’t know him. He used to run the fams thru a simulation and project the mid rankings and final rankings. He sadly no longer has that program so trying to do interesting stuff for you anyway.


I’m going ressie this round. I’m not attacking. Baby steps here :smile:


Awesome PVC @Jets

I shall work to prove my activity :crazy_face::crazy_face:


Come on Jets you’re just gonna make me blush if you keep this up :eyes:


First major mistakes. Jetsica overslept with fam bank I might of been drugged.

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U forgot our most active Maniac @RenegadeDamon !!

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Yeh ,but he hasn’t been good for years @HellRaizeR you guys really did the fast start jump thingy better than the other fams that tried it.


Nice pvc a bit too kind
Icd is a negative to any family
Hydrop never tried hard, he only wins when there’s no competition.
Jets you could be online 24 hours a day and still lose
White Shadow plays IC for the jokes, not for the win.
Airwing and pickle is like the most boring conversation ever had
Swagga is the most unoriginal player in Ic, same name, same theme, same result…lose.
Torqez used to be good, when he played with orbit.
That leaves dukey for the win, if he wasn’t an alcoholic disaster of a human.




Orbit is a troll that only leaves his bridge when he is in the mood to be an asshole. Nothing he says carries weight cause he lacks intelligence.

He has only ever done well when carried.

Swagga well done so far ,but your family explosion wasn’t because of the first 27 hrs. Keep your cool play smart and you can prove me wrong. All good.

At the time of writing this the Milky Way galaxy is at tick 43 and all is calm as the new lifeforms procreate and expand across the galaxy. They began calling themselves families nearly 2 days ago and working together to explore and gather information of new planets they could call their own.

1 #7057: Originals [88,91] 114,683 88 120,807- The most organized family by far and they are doing an incredible job. leading other fams by 20 planets and nearly or having the ability to fb all those planets maybe. I only have praise for what this fam is doing congrats keep this up for another 5 weeks and the championship is yours.

2 #7050: In Memory Of [34,62] 89,845 64 95,128 Hydro and his fam seems to have got a jolt of life at around the 24 hr mark.2 inactives were destroyed by the supreme being or games master some would call him, their replacements is solid players indeed. Hydro said something in the lines of the game isn’t won in the first 24 hrs and you know that is true. The game is not won ,but it can be lost if a fam falls to far behind. I appaude this fam for not doing that and still in this race for intergalic domination.

3 #7048: IC Mafia [85,65] 89,555 61 171,318 From the Naked eye they look like a disorganized mess, but sometimes a little Chaotic mixed with a whole lot of heart can make something really special. Do they look like they are running the most efficient strat naw ,but this may be the way they succed. They may strive in an enviorment like this where everyone just does their part. Everyone plays for that same common goal and does their best to get there. They could be just playing for fun and enjoying themselves, and there’s nothing wrong with that.

4 #7053: Who Framed Jetsica Rabbit [9,39] 87,790 62 106,553- This fam is where they are because there’s no hotheads, and seem to just enjoy playing a game that they once loved. Jetsica has been online and keeping everything moving pretty much just working off the fly.(sometimes Jetsica doubts herself ,but knows she must keep moving forward) Protoss is spending a lot of time in another gal, but jelousy can not take hold. We are striving to be the best and that is only done by being one.

5 #7051: U WOT M8? [86,15] 86,063 61 134,634 Best memes in Milky way decent planet count and all ,but about 15 planets full built i would guess. Rumors of Whiteshadow and Mrblonde putting their differences aside for the greater good is quite interesting to say the least. Much like 48 they don’t seem like they are playing the best strats, and i would assume a lot of memes about those that are. The power of memes is real can they meme all the way to victory?

6 #7052: Black Magic Saints [59,90] 85,616 58 146,808 Swagga made a point to post a screenshot of rankings and his fam was a little higher. They are not really falling that far behind and I never once felt econ would be their problem anyway. The first couple days is all about how a family gels and sometimes it takes longer to do so. I feel like they are just finding their own and should be near top middlish coming out the explostage.

7 #7055: [13,87] 79,630 54 105,670 Activity doesn’t seem to be their issue. I see many players online whenever i check them. They may be doing there own thing which like i said is not bad and to keep good activity the fact that players have more than 1 planet really helps that fact. I am still kinda up in the air with them I see so much potential, but it may take somekind of breakthru to bring them into the 1 unit 1 family mentality. The survivial of your species depends on it fight or flight.

8 #7056: Houses of Westeros [58,65] 79,009 48 103,890 Ic death is back and it seems like his fam is struggling econ wise. I could see a big planet push soon ,but they need to figure what is causing the slow down. They need to fix the problems before it becomes to late.

9 #7049: Priest and the Devil [35,13] 77,197 56 125,129 AW and pickle are not doing bad persay I think they prob got most unlucky with randoms. Pickle led many fams in the past and Airwing is AW they know how to play and do well ,but sometimes the tools you need are just not there to use.

10 #7054: Goats [61,35] 61,189 40 112,491 TR fam and the least inactive fam in the galaxy. It is sad when Genesis and torqez is out playing you these days. You can’t live in the past forever you can start to change your future today one planet at a time in the present.


thanks for pvcs 55 will come back i was on a bender and thought SOR was sunday lol