P vs C Ic mafia 2.2

IC mafia Pretenders vs Contenders thread is for entertainment purposes only and in no way reflect the thoughts of the creator of the Pretender vs Contender thread concept. The originator will always be better then impostures such as our first mafia member HydroP. I again want to stress that this is for entertainment purposes only and in no way or reflects the way the author Jets will vote or play this round.

  1. HydroP- Hydro P was onto something last round ,but also Killed missy the townie. For this many thought he was mob and got lynched. His play Although entertaining lacked substance at times and I don’t think many felt bad after he died. Hydro lasting 4 days would be a good round, if I was a betting man, I would take the under on this one.

Pretender to win the round Contender for doing his own P vs C

  1. Goddess_of_the_Dead Not only was last round her first ,but I would say she played and she impressed. The problem with having a solid round is you are no longer just fish floating down the river. A dead body in waiting. You become somewhat a target and others took note I am sure. Nancy Drew is pretty good figuring things out ,but the question is will others want to see how the second book goes before they decide to buy Goddess as a threat. Contender if others don’t buy her as a threat and think she got lucky. Pretender If to many of the players from last round outlast the old returning players.

  2. Jets- The goofball of Mafia- Arby called me bad and many actually called me bad during the last round ,but somehow I tend to be killed off because others are scared of me. I don’t know what kind of traumatic experiences you went through. I can only say I play to win. Contenders for not lasting past day 5 Pretender for getting 15 hearts on this post

  3. Tishxo- Tish is a new player and how fast she picks it up will matter. She prob will get a few days grace period before anyone guns for her. I am unsure how she will play ,but I assume she will speak her mind and that outspokenness might be the very thing that gets her killed. Contenders for final 10 Pretenders for the win.

  4. Luker- I feel like Luker didn’t play last round great although he did have many fooled. Maybe everyone can’t tell when their is a wolf in sheep’s Clothing. I am pretty confident I can befriend him the signs are right. But i am not sure I want to befriend maybe not a very good player. Contenders for top 5 as even the blind squirrels find nuts to eat. Pretenders to be the first one dead.

  5. Arby3- played very sketch ,but turned out to be town. He was confusing at best and sent some weird pms. Contenders to be lynched by day 3 if not killed beforehand. Pretenders For the win.

  6. rizzy- He was mob he was town he was mob again he was actually town. When townies blend in as mobsters that isn’t a good thing. It is actually quite the opposite I assumed he stayed alive so long because no one saw him as a threat. Pretenders for final 6 Contenders to live to see day 3

  7. TBO- Man the rumors of the people that want to see TBo dead I have no idea what they are scared of it definitely isn’t his playing skill. TBo is gonna be a popular early lynch target for many. I don’t know if it will even come to that as rumors of people willing to spend a night 1 kill on him is on the up and up. TBO is just going on with life as normal ,but their is nothing normal about this. Contender to die before day 4. Pretender to be saved by any doctor.

  8. Nolio Rule number 1 Nolio is always mob is an full affect. Rule number 1 was forgotten last round and he made the final 4. With all the old returning players I think his end is nye. Pretender to live that long again. Contender to be among the first ones dead.

10… I_like_pie Everyone loves pie ,but why is it so fun to kill something you love. Maybe because through life We kill things we love such as relationships, Goals, Dreams, and even our happiness. Killing pie is like seeing a clown fall it is just great every single time. People need laughter so Contender not to win the round. Pretender to be one of the first ones dead.

  1. Darrk- First round as far as I know. I was shocked to see him signed up. I think his diplomacy and although others might to see him fail at something for once. I see them rather taking others out first. Will people fall for Darrks Charm that way he smiles when he says he is a townie. Contender for the win. Pretender to be among the first dead.

  2. Ordos234 Is pretty much dead man wanting Mr.Blonde wants him dead and he will figure out how to play the game to make sure it happens. This is gonna be fun to watch these 2 mud wrestle while others drink beer and watch. Pretenders for the win. Contender to be the 2nd most haunted player.

  3. The_Unknown People are just happy to have this drunk foo around. Will he play well who really knows. Will he say stupid things and prob make ya laugh prob. Keep him around for a little bit I would say. Pretenders for everything and contender for going inactive or forgetting where he lives.

  4. Missylin- Missy the one that everyone felt sorry for after they died. Is it because She is a she maybe. Is it because she was innocent maybe ,but lots of people were innocent and died ,but missy people cared about. Missy got HydroP killed. Killing Missy had consquences could that roll over into this one. Maybe there’s a lot of maybes and only time will tell. Contender for the win if she can just stay alive. Pretender to be an early kill.

15.You_Fool One of the other 4 finalists from last round. So many had him pegged for a mobster ,but was town. Much like with Rizzy this just isn’t a good sign. You should seem town when your town that is just common sense here. Painful death on you_fool will prob be the outcome. He is an okish enough guy that he prob won’t be lynched at least early. Contender for being murdered slowly and painfully. Pretender for winning the round.

16.Xenon1122- most people prob forgot he was even in the last mafia round because he died day 1 by the sk. I really don’t have much to say maybe he will get to play this time. Contender to see day 2 this time.

  1. Mrblonde- Maybe not a complete troll his memes aren’t bad his vendetta with ordos very well could be the death of him if Ordos is mob. Or if someone else wants to blame ordos for the kill. Hint hint. Mr. blonde is active and that should help him during lynch times. Pretender for the win and contender to drive other players crazy.

  2. Azmadi- He has been very quiet maybe that is because the round hasn’t started. Pretender for the win Contender for forgetting he signed up to play this.

  3. Lee- Lee I love balls and meatballs well any balls very well could be mafia again as he has been seen at the ran down italian joint every night this week. His mouth was mild last round ,so if he talks more maybe less people will suspect him. Contender to be all over the place with his voting pattern. Pretender to ever go on the atkins diet.

  4. HellRaizeR-Another one that I was sorta surprised signed up ,but I am happy did. HellRaizer is a good player of IC ,but how well will he play mafia. Some of the same reasons i like darrk this round I also like HellRaizer. Contender to make it or stay alive for a few days. Pretender to be inactive I can’t see hellraizer do that.

  5. thirdrock- Talk about a surprise seeing Third around was one. He tends to follow more than lead and that isn’t actually a bad thing in most circumstances. Just happy to have you back. Was a real good player bad in the day. Contender for the win Pretender for dying day 1.

  6. melvin- The one player that makes Jets look good. Melvin is a wild card. He will be all over the place and really believe what he is saying. I would say pretenders for last 15 and contenders for first 10 dead.

  7. KT- I am not sure she even realizes that genesis actually signed her up for this. ALso i am unsure if she been in discord yet. If it was my story i would double check before signing someone up. COntender for being 1st one lynched because she never shows up. Pretender for the win because the Cat woman isn’t an A+ hero.

  8. Torqez- He been around and he been active sorta. A former writer of mafia he knows how the game is played. A threat to anyone in the round with him. Contenders for the win and pretender to die day 1. People will want him around a bit.

  9. Lethal- We all know he can pop bank ,but can he play mafia. The world may never know if he dies early. Pretender for the win and contender to make chat and the game more fun.

  10. Undeath- Another name with the word death in his name. This could be forshadowing of what is to come. I am thinking middle of the road so Contenders and pretenders for anything and everything.

27.TiF- Doesn’t have the ability to make tools without knowing what to expect. The mafia 2.0 spreadsheet notebook excel app may come out soon after though. Tif the player we never knew we wanted ,but the player we needed. Contender for having a fun round.

  1. Metrex- one hell of an attacker for that round or two. Just kidding mate. Communication I would give a 6 out of 10. Contender to play a clean fair game. A pretender to do anything impressive for us to see other than showing up.

29.warsie- 1 last hurrah, but waesie never played before. Could flounder in an unfamiliar environment. Contender for being entertaining and a pretender for finishing in final 5.

  1. gwynedd- Be careful what you say around him. He is a cop and use anything you say as evidence. A solid player that i see will stick around for a bit. Contenders for top 10 pretender for the win.

31.protoss- Not much to say a wildcard. Pretenders to die first. Contender for everything ,but last.

32.sextans-Who let this crazy foo in. I could see someone using a kill on him just to rid themselves ,but I don’t see many seeing him as a threat

33.dukey- If the duchess of IC can post more pictures I am sure she will be around for awhile. Good luck in round. Pretender to one of the first few right. Contenders for everything.

34.luster- Not my favorite person in IC ,but always someone that gives his all. Even when his all isn’t good enough he gives all 2 inches of himself. Contender to make it to see day 5 Pretender to win it all.

35.miqdad- Another old player returning to play Could fall under the radar a bit. Contender for the win pretender for dying on first 2 days


I’m down for watching men wrestle in the mud. :wink:

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Updated p vs C with metrex and warsie

Fun read @Jets

Sixth?! You got to be kidding me lol.

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those numbers are just order of signup

@Jets hit the nail on the head about me :rofl::rofl::rofl:
Inactivity will be the issue.

And i have no idea how to play!