P vs C Andro 73

First off as always with the Jets Pretenders vs contenders. The P vs C is meant for entertainment and does not necessarily fully reflect the thoughts of the author. Please do not take this as an act of war everything said is for entertainment purposes. I hope everyone enjoys and comments :slight_smile:

Each fam will have 3 key members listed This is my objective thoughts and may not reflect the true internal power in each fam.

1 #7578: :banana: :gift::eyes::dizzy_face:planets=219

Key members TBO, Axel, and Suv

Econ wise they have been in front for some time now and slightly pulling away. They had a solid start plan and stayed the course. I am not the biggest fan of Suv ,but the dude can attack and is very active when he wants to be.

Leadership 4
Econ 5
Attacking 4
Special 4 Any fam Tbo is in could be deadly with ops so for this fam that is where their marks in the special catagory came from.

Contenders for the win 1 of 2 fams I really thought would run away with it. The unknown was if they could execute and they are proving that they can.

2 #7582: :uk:Pubs​:uk: Planets=201

Key members Orbit, Aeon, Hala

Attacking I think they have a better 1 2 punch than 78. They most likely have the strongest duo in the galaxy this round. Econ is going well also though.

Leadership 4
Econ 4
Attacking 5
Special 3 For 82 I have a special of not wanting to be yelled at by orbit. This will cause the fam to work hard and try not to make mistakes so they don’t get flamed in fam chat, or the ic discord.

This was the other fam that I really felt strongly about before start of round. They have everything a good fam has. They also have the benefit of bordering Cxris’s fam and that has helped their growth. Contenders for the win one of my 2 pre round favorites.

|3|#7583: :crossed_swords:Imperial Conflict :crossed_swords: planets=186

Key members Kingray, exceed, cells

Again i listed 2 attackers as the key members although I haven’t seen exceed do great things lately. It really seems like he is a key member to this fam and wearing the fA tag currently.

Leadership 3
Econ 3
Attacking 4
special 3 For this fam nothing really stood out as a special ,but that isn’t a bad thing. They will be consistent ,but can they be more and be excellent. That is unknown ,but only fam 83 can look inside themselves and search deep within till they find it.

contenders for a top 4 finish, I feel things would have to fall just right for them to win the round and I am not sure they can pull that off.

|4|#7581: For Da People planets =185

key members Oz, kratom, soccer09

Currently 4th in size ,but lightguns has the inactive tag not sure if he leaving after being hit by the bug during sor so hard. They seemed to be a middle of the road or bottom fam ,but they must have some room to grow. If they can get some econ going and fast they could make a run at the top 4. Not easy though being down a player if LG is really leaving.

Leadership 2
econ 3
attacking 1
special 2 I think soccer on pax can be dangerous ,but I also think he could get the fam in more trouble than they can handle.

Pretenders for the win. I have them most likely finishing in that 4-6 range. Contenders not to finish dead last.

|5|#7584: ((())Agents Of SHIELD(())) planets =184
key members flip, swagga, Hellz

I listed hellz because he is playing out of his mind and is building on the great performance he had last round. He must have cut ties with the gf rumor had it she didn’t like him playing ic. Swagga has been more diplomatic than usually I think flip may be rubbing off on him in a good way. If they play their cards right they could finish high. If they play them wrong I think they still finish in the top 5.

Leadership 3
econ 3
attacking 5
special 3 I gave them a 3 special because they might have the attacking power to back up mistakes ,but will they have the econ to build the needed fleet.

I have them finishing no less than 5th place. they are contenders not to finish last ,but they are pretenders from winning it all this round.

|6|#7580: :eggplant::taco:History of IC :eggplant::peach: planets =181

Key players Jets, canderslow, soul

This is my fam and yes I am bias ,but not in an overconfident type of way. Barring mass influx of resources spawned in from the ic gods, this fam is gonna have to fight and claw all the way till end of round. Don’t get me wrong everyone is growing on me and Canderslow used to be just Cander till he played with orbit and was slow on something. Orbit then named him canderslow and it stuck this was many moons ago.

Leadership 4
Econ 4
attacking 3.5
special 5 Our mutual ties to not wanting to lose to orbit has made us combine our powers. Together we are stronger. Together we can defeat orbit.

Contenders to finish 7th ,but Pretenders from winning the round. This fam has a high possibility to suicide on anyone willing to attack them

|7|#7585: [ANZAC] Click Click planets=443

key members fool, dbyoshi, dronze

I think for a fam not try harding they are actually playing quite well. Fool being active enough to lead is interesting. I also like dronze banking instead of being a subpar attacker.

leadership 3
econ 3.5
attacking 3
special 3 Fool will talk bad about you on one of his many podcasts so fams dare not to attack them .

Contenders for 5-7 at eor

|8|#7579: MoonLambo planets=138

key members Cxris, frank, machiavellie

Any fam with machiavellie is at a disadvantage because he plays ss. The good thing is this isn’t the most organized fam ,and him being SS isn’t gonna hurt or help them.

Leadership 1
econ 1
attacking 1
special 0 nothing special about this fam.

Contenders for dead last. They will finish in last place.


Nice PvC Jets

Thanks Jets! Nice analysis

mid round updates?

  • round was a write-off

Well yeah, i see you didnt bother,

Interesting summation of events but sure

Don’t know, seems to have had all the classic IC stuff… game breaking bugs, claims of horrible NAP breaks, claims of farming, massive rape of previously top family…

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good summation

It’s an absolute classic.

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Wait, so no cheating?

Oh, there is probably multis galore… 40 empires, but maybe a max of 10 people actually playing? :ic_laugh:

@You_Fool has been cheating all round

biggest cheater there is! that’s why we are in 5th place… without all my cheating we would be last… :ic_laugh: :ic_laugh: :ic_laugh: :ic_laugh: :ic_laugh: :ic_laugh: :ic_laugh: :ic_laugh: :ic_laugh: :ic_laugh: :ic_laugh:

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