P v c SSv1.0

Welcome. It isn’t done yet ,but will edit this post with the official p vs c for this historical round.

#7071: The Toxic Temperaments- As a fam they are some of the best Hardcore SS players ever. A big bunch of ego’s. Almost made up of full attackers an unbelievable number of rounds of leadership combined. How will they be once the 7 individual parts combine into one i don’t know. Bias says we will contend for the win.

Dukey- One of the most active attackers in mw this round. How will he be in SS gal active on point and someone the fam can depend on for sure.

Nightwish- Not the best round in mw ,but he has done well in hc SS rounds in the past previously has wins under his belt and that means something sorta. This will be different ,but can be something he can lean back on.

Protoss- Had a good infil round going for awhile… until the famous day happened. We don’t talk about this in fam chat ,but knows how to play ss.

Player1- To most he is unknown ,but I personally fought him the last 2 rounds. He isn’t a bad player by no means, and actually might be pretty decent in ic mafia. Activity is a major plus also.

Jets- Not known for being a great player ,but he is active. He has proved that at least for a few weeks can be an unstoppable force till he stopped and becomes no longer unstoppable.

Nacho- Godfather from 48 in the current mw round. Seems to be a solid player. How will that translate into this round idk.

Justdoit- He is sextans brother ,but at least he is active. He only plays on mobile though.

Pretenders for lower then 5th they are just to active. Contenders for the win.

#7072: Salad fingers - prob my second favorite fam to do well in this galaxy. Lineup Ordos,Mrblonde,TU, thirdrock, Who flung dung, bud777, Soul?

Ordos- the leader and heart and soul behind this family. He has been someone that just gets his fams off to good starts. Best diplomat mw 69

Mrblonde- A wildcard and a crazy MF ,but he is actually good at this game also. He is online quite a lot so I feel like this will be a key member to this fam. Also the Gaydos as leader name trolling your own fam leader is to much gold.

The Unknown- Honestly i would normally think that he was just an inactive vet ,but he was a key member in his mw fam. I would say he still has some life left in this old soul.

thirdrock- I would say he is one of the weaker members in the fam ,but that is showing just how deep that this fam really is. Another one of those that just started playing again not that long ago. He was never the best player ,but always a solid member.

Bud777- Played in a smaller fam in mw ,but still managed to have close to the most pop at a time. His ops were legendary also. Will his fam be able to keep him under control though.

Soul- A decent player can be a solid all a rounder.

Who flung Dung- Was first to 1 million nw in infil. Could his killer strat of just winging it really work this time around also. Can he pass on his strong ss skills to the other fam members? was he actually market aided in infil which helped him hit the 1 mil nw.

Contenders for top 3 pretenders for bottom 2

#7073: Firefly- Firefly only had one season and was canceled way to soon.

At least we had serenity for some sort of closure. This fam will try to avenge the death of firefly. Rizzy has formed an interesting group around him for this epic round. I have a lot of high hopes for this fam. One of 2 fams i am sorta rooting for ,but i don’t want them to finish higher than my fam.

Rizzy- Has become a force of nature and really found his zone over the years. Has improved immensely and was pretty good back in the day.

Daylight- Kinda annoying to talk to sometimes ,but overall a good guy and someone that wouldn’t ruin a fam by being in it. He is a solid piece that can be a nice cog.

Goddess of the dead- She only played a few rounds and i feel like this will make her a more complete player. Playing SS is just something about it that helps make you better. Econ/attacking all in one.

Pitbull- A player that I know can still attack with the best of them that currently is playing. I am concerned that he won’t be able to keep up with the top econ players in the gal though.

Bocephus4201- No idea who this is

schniepel- A solid player and i know i been nice to about everyone so far ,but he deserves it.

Vicious- A player i played with years ago and one time in general chat i said i didn’t know who he was. He went Jets we played in the same fam 12 years ago… A funny and good player also.

Contenders for top 4 Pretenders for not having a fun round.

#7074: Hot Fluorescent Crayons- Parrot and torqez fam ,but they will rely on Tif to do most of the econ planning. The second of the fams i am kinda rooting for to do semi well.

Tif- The greatest of econ mind that currently plays at least would be in the top 3 of just about any list. Can Tif lead this fam to victory is that even possible?

Nai- Another one of the better econ minded players I am unsure if his wild ideas will clash with Tif or combined they become stronger though.

The lightguns- A very solid player and a random at that one of the better all around players and one of the better ss players.

Parrot- A big fan of mine ,but I am also a fan of his. It is good to have this fool around and he is seeing his dream become a reality.

Jag- Not really sure and don’t want to guess on who this is. nothing confirmed. Well apparently this is the real Jaguar who used to be one of the better attackers in the game.

Torqez- rumors about vacations may hurt his early growth and he could fall behind if these rumors are true. The PR person in this whole seeing this galaxy happen.

Genesis- I could mention how all he does is win ,but lets just say he is a great player. That knows how to come out on top.

Contenders for top 3 Pretenders to actually login… I mean joking pretenders for bottom 3

#7075: SSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS Luker’s fam and they really love s’s. fam name creativity gets a 6.5 almost 3 hrs till round start and no one is online. A bunch of inactives ,but with some of the econ brains in this fam also they can’t be taken lightly

Luker- Honestly I don’t think i ever played with heard semi good things about him being a halfway decent player. I would say he is 1.25 times better than thirdrock at least that is something.

Spike- i know that isn’t the name he usually goes by ,but it escapes me at the moment. currently one part of the 4 headed monster which is 7050 attackers. Solid player and can be a nice added piece to this fam.

belg (rivan) - A econ master and a great tools creator also. I expect him to really keep this fam together. And do a lot of the econ groundwork for the fam.

Daffy- Not the duck ,but i think Daffy likes ducks. Maybe ducks will be this fam secret weapon. seems to be in the better fams is that luck or is daffy actually a good player that helps contribute to the fams success. Just like the center of the tootsie pop mystery the world may never know.

zeraph- At one time a decent player is he still a decent player? this gal will prove this once and for all.

Ocho- his opps had people scared in infil he was someone to fear. Keep an eye on him.

Vegnarock- An oldie ,but a goodie some players are like fine wine and get better with age.

With these econ masters contenders for the win. I feel like everyone will be a contenders these teams are stacked.

Pretenders to self destruct

#7076: ~()LORDS Of The RANKS() Swagga fam ,but lets be honest he isn’t the best ss player in the family. I would say one of the last randoms to join Venom is. I don’t know how well they will communicate ,but if they work as a fam and play smart they could contend. there’s some really good fams and this one like the others is stacked also.

swagga- I think he gets a bad rap, people assume it is already a wrap, the self explosion the internal affairs, if they play smart and avoid those same snares, the traps that hold swagga back, hide yo wife, hide yo kids , hide yo planets because swagga will attack, bro you got this.

Cxris- if this is the same guy from a long time ago he knows how to play. If it isn’t prob just a noob then.

thehammer- Supposedly an old vet ,but don’t have details on how good he once was.

Kratom- I know he can cook the curry ,but can he play ss? He is a solid player and should be one of the center pieces of this fam succeeding.

Star99- wow it has been awhile bro. what a legend in his own mind not even the best player in his real life family. Will be one of the better players in this fam if he remembers he signed up to play.

schnapp- baby hermon in 7053 mw. I will be honest i have been impressed a solid and dependable cf banker. Who evolved into an attacker for us. He can do it all and be active as anyone. Prob the heart and soul of this family.

Venom- the best ss player in the fam ,but can he demand that the fam listens and can the fam stay up with him.

Contenders for top 6 pretenders for top 3

#7077: Thunderball- the first of the 2 all random families I know you really can’t count out random fams. I remember custom galaxies rounds in the past where 1 or 2 of the fams were all randomed and 1 or both would usually do quite well. We all play the same game so i am not taking these guys lightly.

exceed- A ss specialist is leader and core member of this fam. I am sure he will have everyone on the same page for the start of the round.

SittingBull- Another player that seems to prefer the lower fam player galaxies. SS players uniting apparently in this fam already.

Ghostface- Back from the dead to play in the ss galaxy like i said you can’t count out the random fam or fams because they seem to have good synergy with each other.

Warsie- we have a warsie sighting. This is not a drill i repeat this is not a drill. This fam is full of surprises and warsie is back ,but how active will warsie be.

easyway- Unlike kratom he is a baker so i could see this fam fight kratom’s to see who the better chef is. Econ genious in his own right. I think he could be a center piece of the strat this fam uses.

you_fool- Two aussies one fam what is there to say. fool isn’t a fool and knows how to play this game just like the others.

doped- don’t think i know anything about him.

Contenders for top 5 finish Pretenders for winning the round.

#7078: We surrender- I can’t believe them a fam with Airwing, B I G T E X A S aka scorp, and Zeretel is most likely to either explode on themselves or suicide on 1 or more fams. These guys make swagga look like a saint

Airwing- A semi decent attacker in his day at least for moments in any round he played. As of late he has been quite a disappointment ,but i heard mw 68 he did well and brought some fireworks along with him.

Scorp- Everything is bigger in Texas ,but will his planet count be at the end of round? these are the questions that the people want to know.

Zeratel- A solid player over the years ,but like the ones before him kinda has a mixed rep about him.

Masse- One of the better average all around players in the galaxy ,but with these other hotheads in the fam will he be able to help keep the fam from exploding onto themselves.

Ax3l- he couldn’t even spell axel right when he signed up for the game so can’t rank his skill that highly ,but he is somewhat knowledgeable about the game.

Admetus- He hasn’t played in a really long time. so his skills are rusty at best

worldboss- no details must be a older player though

Contenders for bottom 2 pretenders to win the round.


Anyone else excited?

This galaxy started with parrot saying you know what would be fun. Torqez joined the conversation this must of been 2-3 months ago. To anyone with dreams this started as a dream and now is realization of that dream those months ago. Let that be encouragement for you. I thought 40 players was the most we would get and now we are on our way to 56. 7 slots remain and I don’t see us adding an 8th because of planets in the galaxy.

I want to say thankyou to all that signed up and joined. We couldn’t do this without you and your the ones this galaxy is for. Ic has been figured out for a long time and after talking to a couple of the great minds of econ that is playing here. There’s different opinions on how to start and what fams decide to do during round. I kinda feel like this is a fresh take on a old game many of us loved and still do.

Thanks for reading this and p vs c will be up before SOR.


Started doing the pretenders vs contenders

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damn jets keep up the good work you mad man.

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Projected final standings based on size

  1. 7071
  2. 7074
  3. 7072
  4. 7075
  5. 7073
  6. 7077
  7. 7078
  8. 7076


  1. Tif
  2. Nightwish
  3. Belg (rivan)
  4. bud777
  5. Lightguns
  6. Venom
  7. Easyway
  8. Genesis
  9. who flung Dung
  10. Protoss
  11. Pitbull
  12. Schnapp
  13. exceed
  14. Masse
  15. Jets
  16. Rizzy
  17. Scorp
  18. Spike
  19. Dukey
  20. Ordos
  21. Goddess of the dead
  22. Nai
  23. Luker
  24. You_fool
  25. Zeratel
  26. Kratom
  27. schniepel
  28. The unknown
  29. Player 1
  30. Mr.blonde
  31. Parrot
  32. Torqez
  33. Airwing
  34. Ghostface
  35. thirdrock
  36. Daffy
  37. swagga
  38. Ax3l
  39. Jag
  40. Daylight
  41. Nacho
  42. Soul
  43. Vagnarock
  44. Ocho
  45. Cxris
  46. Admetus
  47. zeraph
  48. Warsie
  49. star99
  50. justdoit
  51. vicuious
  52. Bocephus4201
  53. sittingbull
  54. thehammer
  55. doped
  56. Worldboss

How long should I let you go before I break the news that Belg = Rivan? :smiley:


lol would explain why there is 8 names listed for that fam

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I’m so good, they named me twice.

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@Jets the name Axel was taken so i had no choice.
It also kinda refers to my old Counter-Strike name which was Pruts3r :sweat_smile:

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Good stuff nerd

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@Jets For your information I was not market aided in Infinitum… and still have yet to be market aided… Which is maybe why I’m sucking there right now :stuck_out_tongue:

I have never personally been market aided anywhere so I don’t even 100% know how it works. I get the idea though so I’m sure I could figure it out :wink:

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Jets, we aren’t aussies and apparently there are 3 of us.
We are probably terrible though, you should definitely ignore us.

Doped is a kiwi too, claims to be from the golden age too… I am sure he will be just as inactive as Warsie and myself…

i’ll just drop this here:


swagger ftw

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Captain Nathan Hale , the Consummate Patriot. The famous words, I only regret that I have but one life to give for my country, were just the start of Hale’s bravery. Captain Montresor, an English officer, testified that after reading letters Nathan had written to his mother and an American officer, the British refused to send them.

Nathan Hale: Patriot, Spy, and Martyr - Revolutionary-War.net

Aslong as your not blind, able to breath and have legs everyone can be #1 after 1 minut into a marathon :stuck_out_tongue:

Are you playing? I haven’t seen u in anyone’s fam :sunglasses:

not bad for a bunch of rejects and randoms