OscarTheGrouch Returns


I’ve not played since around 2003/4 but nice to see a few of the old timers coming back. Played with a few of the people that Vivanti seems to have played with - Dark Wing, Night Wing (RIP), Yambretta and his Mrs (Jen?) and a Ducth guy called Thorn. Started in Triangulum and moved to PW when Tri closed.

Nice to be back :grinning:

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Welcome back, beer is in the fridge.
Join the discord crew and auction yourself off to the lowest bidder.

Welcome back @MonkeyBoy!

How have things been since 03/04? Anything interesting outside of IC?

I had a successful career in IT but have just decided to leave that part of my career. Not sure what I will do next. Hopefully playing IC again will give me the distraction that I need :slight_smile:

Holy crap thorn… that’s a name I haven’t heard in a while. He inspired me to spam.

Do you remember the names of his 3 mates that played? All from Zoetemeer in NL? NIce guys - met then in RL.

Not on the top of my head but I’m sure they will look familiar if I see them written down, Zoetermeer indeed :stuck_out_tongue:

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As someone who has lived in Zoetermeer since he was 5 and my highschool being an IC hot zone in the golden days…other notable players from my city are Kagar, Whiteheaven, Chaos and Mike (Misset).

I remember Thorn, Whiteheaven - not sure about the last 2 but both sound familiar. We all met up in the bar of the hotel I was staying in - Badhotel Scheveningen. Whitehaeven was a very clever guy.

Welcome back @MonkeyBoy

Welcome back. Always great to have another old timer cast out of the void once more.

I remember you!

I played as warriornoah back in those days

Looking for a family to draft into?

I wish I had seen this earlier! I already joined a fam now and I guess deleting is not allowed…

we are full now anyway but its good to see you again, we will catch up and play together at some point bro

Have a great round!

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