Opinion on wiki-edited solutions

To those of you who help answer #support:questions, and stay on topic to help create a useful resource:

Firstly, thank you.

Secondly though, what are your thoughts on your answers being made wiki-editable?

Is it at all bothersome that the community can edit a post with your name attached as the author, even if it’s to improve/update the answer over time? Would you prefer if community-edited solutions fell under an authorship of an account similar to @IC-Wiki?

  • I don’t mind that the community can edit my answer, and I enjoy the credit for answering.
  • I would prefer my post not be edited by others, even if it means my answer gets “claimed” by an official IC account for authorship and future edits.

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I would prefer anything truly helpful to remain in the control of the game’s management structure.
To many dipshits.

Perhaps if the the final wiki is forum driven, posters that contribute “keepers” are granted forum tag points?


Agree with @Darrk and love the forum tag points idea.

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I have never been a fan of anyone ever editing my words. Maybe it’s because I’ve always been writer at heart. I think there are pros and cons to both solutions, but I’m voting for “my post not be edited by others.”


We can guard against trolls via the trust level system, so there’s no need to keep control too tight. We’ll gain more by empowering players to help manage things, even if it comes with a degree of risk.

We could definitely reward for contributions though. No reason not to!

I’ll leave the poll up awhile to get more feedback, but I’ve created @IC-Guide to address any concern of people having their words edited in ways that don’t suit them.

This does mean though that the accepted solutions will always fall under this user, and not the users who actually provide the answers, although I can still reward players manually.

@I_like_pie Yes, all posts are tagged @IC-Guide and at the bottom of each answer, you can simply have:

Original answer contributed by @allknowingme, with additional contributions from @whocaresyouarenotme, @whosonfirst and @idontcare.