Open galaxies

A few players have raised this point, however here’s the general gist:

Currently, the only galaxy available for play (excluding test) is Clan Wars 2.

This galaxy is a draft-only galaxy, with fairly specific rules, which makes it challenging for a new-comer to understand, and even more to to actually get drafted.

We need a galaxy that is open to all, without prejudice. Unless we agree that the future of the games is playing with 40 or so players in an esoteric galaxy with an nice-looking map.

The idea has been raised in the past, however I think it’d be good to get it back on the table: an auto-restarting galaxy which lasts for 2-3 weeks. High starting res, so easy for a new player to get going… but short enough so that they don’t have to wait a full three months to try a different starting galaxy.

I know @Protoss has raised this point also - anything you’d like to add?


Definitely a valid point, though I do need to point out this too:

This is on the roadmap as Automatic galaxy restarts, but until it’s done we can’t assume that we can open a galaxy that supports this feature. Assuming that restriction, we should figure out what makes sense in the short term to alleviate the existing problem.

Another thing worth mentioning is that people have argued that we re-open MW specifically as an option for new players. However, MW no longer allows new players as of MW70:

It was understood, and forewarned, that this feature will reduce available options for new players (that was partially the point), and that it was a worthy tradeoff to combat the multi/inactive problem at the time. I don’t plan on reversing this change, as it achieved its intended goals.

Our best option then, is a non-MW galaxy back in the rotation as a standard galaxy. We can even re-open an older galaxy if we want. 2-3 weeks as you describe above sounds like a great starting point. The 35% Attacking Rule is now available again as well, as is the option for Qezians-only.

Whatever this galaxy ends up being will replace the 2nd custom, so we will end up having:

  • Infinitum (it isn’t closing)
  • Milky Way
  • Newbie-friendly galaxy
  • 1 custom at any time (currently CW)

The challenge this presents, of course, is dilution of the player base. So while this newbie-friendly galaxy will be a more viable option for new players, we should be realistic about our expectations and design accordingly.


At the moment you are only running 3 as you didn’t open the new Milky Way in favor of CW.

Infinitum has inactive ‘new’ people (or old returning) filling up the spots, making it full/closed. You may not want to close it but you also didn’t deliver on the extra features along the way. It is done. Get rid of it or make something happen. In its current stats its a filler galaxy at the most.

While the main active group of people is trying to get something different than the usual Milky Way experience, this is not the playground of the newly joined. There’s a limit of 40 ~ players as well. The SS from Airwing lacks players because there is still a large amount of the active core players locked behind ‘maximum 2 active galaxies’ they can play in.

So ‘Imperial Conflict’, the game itself is only running Infinitum as it is.
I consider CW & SS payed additions. They should not replace the standard galaxy, you as a game host should deliver to your public.

Removing the max 2 galaxies at a time would help, maybe ask a flat amount of cash for opening an own galaxy or ask a minimum of 1$ patreon a month for those to join in those private galaxies.

Settings for this new galaxy is a different discussion. People are starving, lets not discuss if we want ketchup or mayonaise on our food. Let’s get food on the table.


WIP. This was acknowledged when it opened.

You’re not wrong about filler, but “making something happen” is happening. Unfortunately it takes more time than I have at the moment.

As stated, it isn’t closing.

You’re implying that I’m not. Although there are problems, I am keeping the game up as best as I can given my own limited resources and time.

This is what we used to do, but it didn’t get enough Patreon subs. We changed our tier and reward system to encourage more people to make and play in customs, which is what has happened.

No, that is specifically this discussion. That is the topic that @Rivan opened here, and you’re welcome to contribute to the discussion if you’d like.

Everything else you have to say is welcome as its own post in #support:feedback, but please stay on topic here so we can make productive changes.

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Thanks, @I_like_pie - some interesting points!

That’s very true… but a wholesale closure of MW wasn’t on the cards at that point.

Multis is a problem, when they are 3 out of 45 players. However, a small percentage of multis in a much bigger player base isn’t that much of an issue; assuming they are operating independently.

I suppose the key question from me is around the short-term plan for the game. If it’s going to be an increasingly inward-looking game, where 40 or so players show each other how (relatively!!) good they are at the game, then it doesn’t hold much attraction for me.

Is there a desire to grow the game, and allow new players to join the community?


WIP. This was acknowledged when it opened.

It has been 6 months.

You’re implying that I’m not. Although there are problems, I am keeping the game up as best as I can given my own limited resources and time.

I refer to the fact ‘IC’ is only running Infinitum. There are no other galaxies made by you, standard open.

No, that is specifically this discussion. That is the topic that @Rivan opened here, and you’re welcome to contribute to the discussion if you’d like.
Everything else you have to say is welcome as its own post in #support:feedback, but please stay on topic here so we can make productive changes.

topic is “open galaxies” i disagree. And he is clearly posting/opening this topic as a reply to my taunt in devchat. ofcouse it has to be adressed. But acknowledging we need an open galaxy is the main point.


Fair enough. That was an unintended side-effect of Ultimate reopening. Fwiw though, MW is planned to come back.

That’s reasonable.

Absolutely, there always is. However, we’re in a transitory funk right now. It will remedy itself somewhat once the current #ultimate round ends and we can start planning the return of MW and the newbie-friendly galaxy, but we have to wait.

There is 1 more week remaining before we plan the next set, which means more promo (new players), which we haven’t done in awhile.

Yep, and it’ll likely be more. I wish I could tell you that I have more time to work on changes, but I don’t. I’d rather be honest with the community than make false promises.

See my comments about MW. Plans are in motion.

If the topic is “open galaxies”, then “settings for this new galaxy” is not a different discussion, as you previously stated.

Agreed. This is why the most productive use of our time is figuring out what this new galaxy should look like, not repeatedly asking to close Infinitum so I can repeatedly say no.

So on that note, what should this new galaxy look like?


Yup - I appreciate that. I’m sure there are some aged marketing bods playing this game now… I’m sure we could get their input to make sure we spend money in the right way.

Here’s one for you - let’s agree a sensible marketing campaign, and I’ll stick $500 behind it :smiley:


If we can agree on a sensible marketing campaign, I will put money towards it as well


You can be the face of the ad. Just have a shave first :smiley:


That’s very generous of you guys, thank you!

We have a draw with MW returning for some oldbies, I can send out some emails there. The newbie draw will be a bit tougher though. :thinking:

It’s been awhile since we’ve done paid promo so some research needs doing on that end to make sure we’re making good use of any funds. Once we get a new galaxy ready we could design an ad, but knowing where to push it is the tricker piece.


I have taken the beard down to a respectable level Rivan!


But who would be interested to join.

Any statistics on current player base? And why people stick around.

Someone talk with overlord why he decided to join.


Player ran galaxies should never be the only galaxies. Cw is a great idea and new take to the game but should be ran beside mw.
That being said the real issue is having not enough players to fill the amount of galaxies open unless were all paying players. 3 open galaxies with a 2 galaxy cap is always going to be an issue.
That being said lol i dont think the galaxy cap should be removed maybe just rethought and adjusted.

Playet attitude is what hurts mw in the long run. Players need to stop fully farming fams and play with a certain level of sportsmanship.
Lets face it honor has never really been in ic but it would fix it . sportsmanship goes a long way…


To me, there needs to be a fam-based new-player friendly gal open at all times, not having one means any new player that shows up is not likely to stay. If we want growth we need to have this option.

To me, whilst Infinitum is a good idea, it isn’t developed yet. Until you have features to make it work it should it needs to be converted to a test galaxy, allow those who are there to stay or leave, develop your ideas and when it is ready and able to be the galaxy it needs to be then restart and have it be the galaxy it should be. There is nothing wrong with re-evaluation of current ideas.

Otherwise, need to re-think the 4 galaxy rule, and push it to 5, as currently all 4 are not available for new players.

As to what should a new galaxy should look like…

  • Short rounds
  • Med-large fams (always have empty spots)
  • 5-10 core systems (like there used to be in Supernova, do we still have this feature?)
  • Expectation that some “veteran” players will play and teach new players
  • Expectation that size and nw are not the be all and end all of the galaxy - keep that shit in MW (and even then, don’t be a dick)

@Rivan Should have his AI players ready soon and we can have 200 player galaxies again. The AI will be better than @OrBit will ever be too


Are people ready for AI players? They’re a damn sight better than the real ones…

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Haha imagine a fam full of AI beating us.

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… they don’t sleep. Or drink.

So it should be easy.


personally I think the challenge would be a blast.

They would likely have the better eco, but when war time came…how would the AI use their savings to jump fleets and defenses? How well would they attack? Like…so many variables there! Would be cool!

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