Old families


I am thinking the dates were between 2003-2012, only ones i have uploaded to a photosharing site.




thats super cool, I wonder if I have any of these stored away on one of my old towers o_O


i went through photobucket :smiley: amazing how long they keep my crap


I got a bunch of these on my oldest external HD. I’ll have a look tonight and upload them! :slight_smile:



There might be some more on my other external HD. Added a few bonus screenshots from not so long ago too top it off =P


hahaha sooo cool :slight_smile:

please if anybody else has any of these Id like to see, my heart is pounding from nostalgia :smiley:

remember it was totally a thing to take a screen shot of your fam page and use it as your fam pic so nobody could see you make a huge fleet jump? :smiley:


awesome pics!

and yeah @Blue i remember doing that! how ridiculous lol


I remember getting fooled by that :see_no_evil: took me a couple ticks to notice the very stable NW levels =P


only found this one on my photobucket :frowning: hoped there would be more as i usually made the fam pics when i was in a family :slight_smile:


I remember Wolfpack, she was a great player.


The famous black people family round 2 of Capricorn was maybe the best family ever we had 7k planets second place had 3k. KT finished the round with like 1100 planets


Monsters of Mayhem from Milky Way 16
MoM Wiki Page



The famous Tortuga Nebula Thugs, feared throughout the universe as well as massive drinkers of the Harkonnen’s Spice Rum.
Tortuga Nebula Thugs Wiki Page

Unsure if these were in-game family portraits or just used on the family’s out-game forum.





Spice Traders came into existence the same round when drafting family members was first made legal. This family was allied to the reformed Harkonnens and Tortuga Nebula Thugs. Spice Traders consisted of spillover members from the reformed long-time allies, as well as a few newer players.


Oddly enough I remember the first few big fams I played in but towards my later years when I was leading and/or playing more critical roles I forget the specifics. It all started when I made an account and randomed into MW #2 fam Council of Dragons with Doomsville as leader. Talk about some luck. I met Teddy at this point and to this day I still think he is one of the best and most underrated attackers I have ever played with.

Munchers - powerhouse at the time. TNT leading he was always making power moves.

One of the fams I just happen to have included;
Chomp On This
Wishful Thinking
Static X
(I think DragonSup also?)

Some of the players I remember maybe can spark some ideas for names of some other notable fams - Einstein, Mace, Droids DK, Inviltrist, Maniac - this dude was the most aggressive guy I ever played against, Genesis, Kint, PP, Impire, Opti, Catastrophe, Tsunami, Bahamut, Warsong, Inviltrist, Bigtexas


The famous black people family had

Ummm can’t remember the rest but had atleast 4 mods

O and elrohir I believe our ally was parrots family finished with over 2 times the planets as the number 2 family


Capricorn round 2 if I’m not mistaken


Man what a squad!!! I played a few rounds with torqez but was always against KT.


Yeah was fun I randomed in and ended up being the main attacker I think h4e came half way through the round for genesis and me and him dominated that round was my favorite round