Old bug, station not showing up on planet screen

Old bug, has been there for a while, but I never made the chance to report it.

When you have fleet stationed on a planet, it is showing up in military. But when you go to the individual planet, it is not showing up on the main screen.

Very annoying :slight_smile:


Screen cap it please. =)

Not going to post public coords here.

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MS paint does wonders! =)

Well the screenshots loses its point without the Coords.

Its just as I wrote, when I click on a planet on the map, I dont see the station.
When I get to Military, I do see the station is there.

Update: To clarify, when I open the system coord through searching directly. the station does show up. So it only is missing when I view it from the Map.

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Ahh, so not really a bug, but a bit of info not available on the map.
Might be something 'Ole Piedo could fix right up.

Nice catch. =)