Old babble chats are still discoverable





… I’ve already told you. Unless that naked video makes its way to @I_like_pie, you get nothing!

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I really worked out for this one.

Pie has to manually go in and fix it. He had to do that with mine too. It had something to do with ic account and Patreon account emails not matching up for me.


Also you need to go into your account settings somewhere and link it up. From in IC.


This is a bug; that specific topic shouldn’t be visible to anybody, even Patrons. It’s a remnant of when we tested Babble: An embedded chat.

That topic, and a few others, are “orphan” topics that no longer have a category. At the time, they acted as a built-in chat for the forum.

How did you find that topic?

Are you talking about the white submission page thingy where I asked the question originally (yesterday)?
If so, I was mucking around with old messages because you sent me one (within the last day or two) from an old chat that I think was spawned in the first Babble chat when you (lol) kinda took over part of my browser.

Can screen cap later today if that is what you are talking about.
I deffy am aware of access to that white screen, nothing past that.


Nah, I mean the topic from the screenshot in your original post here:

The address bar shows: https://discourse.imperialconflict.com/t/patrons/4325/45

However, that topic shouldn’t be linked to from anywhere. Do you remember where you found that one?


Yups, it was from (yesterday) I was not a Patron in the eyes of the game and I clicked on the "Patrons’ forum link from the main forum page.

Weird, that should take you to https://discourse.imperialconflict.com/c/patrons, not https://discourse.imperialconflict.com/t/patrons/4325/45.

In any case, the second link there shouldn’t be accessible to anybody, so if you or anybody else is denied access then it is working correctly.

The bug here is that old babble chats are still linked to from somewhere. If anybody can find reference to them, please let me know.


Hmzzz, I still seem to have them as old messages in the the little envelope thingy.

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