Octarine Hurricanes Bug

Having issues casting the 3rd OH, get the msg

“This empire is already suffering from a recent onslaught of Octarine Hurricanes; galactic law forbids us from causing more.”

and i know for the fact i have only casted two out of the 3 you can cast, and i know that i casted 3 at the very start all the same tick.

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Do you have to “trigger” OH?

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Have you considered someone else could also cast OH on that person?

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^ What @Mrblonde said. =)

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Doesnt seem realistic, this is in Clan wars.
Then it must be their own Fam.

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@bennieb I thought there was one fam with two paxes?

Sorry, I am simply playing my part this round, not all up in everyone’s info.

Also, just trying to help. :innocent:

Also having this bug.

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You may have pressed cast twice really quick and didnt realise you have actually cast 2 in one?

No reports in news and it bugged out for about 16 hours, no reports in news if they did go through. Had to just leave it through sleep and start in morning.