Octarine Hurricane Not Showing in News

When your family casts OH on another family it shows in your fam news that it was cast but when another family casts it on your family, it doesn’t show. Basically outgoing OH shows but income doesn’t.

No one else having this issue? It’s super annoying.

It is super annoying indeed. And it makes no sense.

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It’s super annoying.

Surely this is a bug and not an intended change right? Should show up in new whether your fam cast it or its being cast on your fam. Both very important to know. Actually when its being cast on your fam its far more important to know.

may not be a bug, as the intention may have been to just show outgoing OH’s so the family could when they were cast as to not overlap and waste time (assuming more than 1 person is casting OH)

but I do agree it should show for both in a perfect world

It used to show both. Not sure when it changed. IMO it needs to show both like it used to.

if anyone would like me to test it on them to see if it will show let me know. :stuck_out_tongue: