Number 2 (6295) vs the last ranked (us)

Let the farming begin.
Enjoy the planets. You didnt have to jump that much to take on 3 partaxians. Yes thats all we got 3 paxes :crazy_face::crazy_face:


Lame! Leave the Pickles alone!!!

Why didnt you jump your Camaar?

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Not here. We got abandoned by our leader weeks back. Us 3 paxes just been salvaging. All not pissed or anything. Just wanted to post in uni news. It is uni news worthy i I beleive. :crazy_face::crazy_face::crazy_face:


@Orion see this?

Yes that was his name. ORION.

He convinced us all to go pax and him being the camaar. Then abour 3 weeks in he stopped responding.

This is a perfect example of the common pitfalls of no drafting. Usually the leader of a drafting family will be held accountable by his buddies. Yes the same thing could happen in a draft fsmily, but less likely.

Atleast i met 3 decent guys. Soul, kayne and vamp. We did as much as we could with just 3 bankers. I say just 3 as vamp the camaar been away with work etc. The 3 active guys the 3 paxes are limited. We wish we had the opportuiniy to be the attackers.


Shut up @Airwing, why are you even giving them my name… i’ll be crusified for this.

@HellRaizeR, apologies to have left you guys, I guess I had more interesting things going on in real life if you catch my drift. Also thanks for being so kind, it was more like one week and three days than three weeks.

What in real life could be more interesting than a text based multiplayer online game?

Valid point

No worries. @Orion
I wasnt pissed at you. Everyone has a life to live. Just wished we didnt all pax up.


Why i gods name would u all go pax? :stuck_out_tongue: @Orion what say u creator of this fam you left behind…:smiley:

Replay of Orion coming to the realization of his creation:

well we were ranked 8 before jumps so… not that far off and really only like 10% more in planet count .

but yes. really we just had shares in our core where we all know if you guys were saving big and our attackers weren’t around we could have been hit good so we decided to clear shares before that happened.

I did say that 50 planets is max we want even before nap was done counting down.

Yes but 50 planets is not a small number considering there all ob greatly

I wonder what family Orion went too after leaving you guys. I doubt he quit flat out…else he wouldn’t reply so quick in forums :wink:

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hes in my fam, we all conspired … please temp block my entire family for 3 days. (this is definitely not to get out of our EOR war with 03)

This is a good point…

Ohhhhhh MW drama! Like back in the day!

Glad I came back, wish the player base wasn’t so small now though.

Lol he replied 3h after the topic was made. I am sure he doesn’t have a single active empire. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Its just like what players without proper cojones tend to do, leave a fam when they see they won’t be playing for top fam.

And you end up with rankings like this. 2 fams with a mile ahead on the rest…and no fight between them. Divide and conquer and both too chicken to EOR war each other properly.:hatching_chick::chicken:

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I am at war with 2 fams now, and the 03 vs 98 showdown begins in under 48hr

He flat out said we were not aiming to be top family from the get go. Well that’s motivating lol