Nuked planets

The lore on losing planets due to NW size difference in successful attacks states:

When we first spotted the overwhelming enemy force approaching we already suspected defeat and managed to prepare a nuclear blast which made the planet uninhabitable when we left.

As we know it, you can still explore shared systems in 0 ticks. That doesn’t sound very uninhabitable to me. What are people’s thoughts on the matter; is the lore or the gameplay more important to consider here? For me at least, this is immersion breaking and I would like to see a change in relation to either a delay before exploring (if there is one, please correct me but, I haven’t seen it) or a change of lore (personally not the way I am leaning in this).

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Very astute point. What a catch too. A delay of X number of ticks before the planet can be re-explored would be a good thing to add.

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