Notify on gala spot opening

On coming back to IC, I was expecting MW to be full but had hope anyway. So I logged in to be met with a red line of text iirc that said something along the lines of ‘the Galaxy is currently full’. I said ahh okay and immediately joined back into the discord server (deleting the message that says to welcome me to the server as this is sent by discord as though it is my account and it super bugs me to see whenever I join a new server). After a few days of sitting around and not much happening, luker reaches out for an active player to join. I join and I’m guessing we had the lowest empire count or whatever as I did end up getting into 7166 with Luker and crew. I have just had a wave of ideas for various walks of life and one of them was “why doesn’t the galaxy have a button that says something like (but in fewer words) ‘email me when spots open up’.

A small ‘email me when spots open up’ button would be nice to be fair. It could also help new players to have hope that they can join a round if they see that there is still a chance to play in a round rather than just leave because you get a big red text saying that it’s full (as almost seen in the video that @VaelVictus made for us (as one of his points was about full galaxies being shown to people). It is one thing to hide them as he said but that could make it look like the game only has Virgo and infini if MW is full that day. I think that just letting players ask for a notification when spots open up would more greatly benefit players than simply hiding it.

Thank you for reading.