Next round tri

Despite what set up we go for in relation to size and round length etc

PLEASE can we have a stay in family option?

As it stands all fams have a good set up player wise to go into next round. Itll Will make for a balanced SOR.

Auto randomisation again will throw it off balance again and some fams will be OK some won’t be.

Like my family took ages before we had 4 decent players. First it was 2 actives then they had inactives, then i joined weeks in, then another a little after. As a result we as a fam could never compete eco wise due to the delayed start being handicapped.

It makes for a fair, balanced and more competitive round allowing all fams to have the option to stay together.
Rather then 1 or 2 family’s running away with the round due to everyone else being handicapped.



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I dont know who is where atm in terms of families and who still active or inactive, however, it would be nice to finally land with a bunch of active people and have the opportunity to stay with them instead of getting randomly assigned to a dead family.

I understand the reasoning for not having a stay in family option, but in reality playing with inactive people isn’t fun and personally makes me sad :frowning: - just my two cents.


And also if peoples are are concerned about new players joining or old players retuning, 1 spot could be added to each family after the galaxy has been created. So some people still have the option to random in.

Killing two birds with one stone.

Keeping things balanced for a change with spots for new players to join

Itll be so much more competitive then the current rounds been

Game is dead, you can always get all the active people together each of them starts their own fam and has to draft one player not currently playing and just add a slot each round. If you are doing 1 month Rounds do this 3-6 times mix it up and restart the process. Assuming the game can be somewhat stable you might have a chance at bringing one functional galaxy back.

Shortest term fix discussed below. It won’t be ready in time for next round, but I think it will be a decent step towards giving players the option to stick together.

Ty all for the feedback.

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Top guy :slight_smile: