NEXT MW setup?

Pleas Pie do, small fams of 4 on a big map!

Time Settings

  • Length: 6 weeks +
  • Market Delay: none
  • Offensive Operations Delay: 0 days
    Size Settings
  • Galaxy Size: 180x180
  • Planets per system: 15-18
  • Systems: 320 ish ???+
  • Planets:
  • Families: 12+ ?
  • Family size: 4
  • Drafts: 1

Other Settings

  • Morale formula: “classic” (pre-2015)
  • Unofficial Alliances: Not allowed!!! This will be exploited.
  • Reshuffel after round end.
  • Starting Resources: 50x
  • Max Defense Stations: 3
  • Cores: 1

Arguments for this kind of setup:

More Fams = More competition.
More fams = More diplomacy and interaction fam vs fam.
More Fams = More activity in overall since each player has a more important role.
More Fams = Higher number key players vs MW now where a lot of players are just back up bankers etc not really getting to play much.
More Fams= Higher need for more people to get involved and organize and not really on that 1 experienced player leading.
More Fams = We will maybe get PVC back? :o

Unofficial Alliances: Not allowed will force fams to investigate naps and diplomacy game.

People liked the big map? Personally I found 20+ hour expo times obnoxious.

Yeah the giant maps are probably gonna go away, if nothing else because of other map related updates I have planned. They also cause performance problems as system density increases.

No decision yet, but looking to cap map at 100x100.

Well take into account more fams spread out on this big map, expo wouldnt be 20 ticks, when u have more families spread out taking up area.

A small map will kinda ruin the small fams idea of my setup, the idea is about giving each fam enough area and time to get a decent core and not be pushed into skirmish on day 2 :stuck_out_tongue:

Players like to infra, give them time/room to do it…
A smaller map also makes it more “HardCore” like, with faster attacking etc, which realy does not suit the average IC player now days…

I agree with Chriss.
I like the biger map. Gives more way to decent development before having to fight others.

A big map is not the problem. The travel time is. As a camaar with systems next to you with 5ticks travel time is a bit strange.

agreed, so smaller map, with pretty much the same amount of planets. So basically increase the planet density of the galaxy :slight_smile:

ur forgetting that more fams will take up more space/area. So the same amount of players spread out on more fams in a smaller map will be crowded, and u get those early raids and skirmish we all try to avoid. So end result will be alot of fams will have their starts fucked up by players with a grudge, and yet again another round with a bad setup.

I would also cheer for the idea of total drafted fams, or at least the larger part of it.
Once again this round I experience there are folks I really like to play with, and others I’d rather never play with again.

Do you think about what ur posting? :stuck_out_tongue: no offence but a fully drafted fam would lead to afew god fams and the rest filled with randoms that could do great but most likely fail hard as there is 0 communictation or and n00bs like f.ex swagga leading/learning other n00bs how to fail even harder than they were doing initaily.

History speaks for itself on this matter no?

this round was mainly drafted (about 9 per team and then rest random). i have had a look at the talks and the three leaders that were deciding definitely had no worries passing players. One issue that i see going forward is more teams = more leaders = more arguing of who gets who. therefore all 8 fams or whatever number could really want @Swagga :stuck_out_tongue: and nobody wants poor little @Airwing :frowning: so i am probably going to disagree with that @Hala

King if the hill round please

10 hill planets. Point for each tick you posess such a planet as a fam. this will focus battle on the king fams.

As one of the very few with a KOTH win under my belt, i can say that was the most stressfull round i ever played!

NO KOTH :stuck_out_tongue:

Completely disagree. There’s a massive difference in the playground style drafts, and the ‘classic’ drafting.
With the playground, theres a few leaders that in turn call a name, and get that player.
Oldschool draft is just asking ‘hey buddy, you wanna play in my fam?’

The latter gives you more options to put together a decent team, and actually gives the draftee the option to decline.

There;s really no comparison of the two.

As I noted, I was in the talks discord for picking members (only 4/5 people) and they actually went aroun asking everyone if they wanted to play

But yeah there is still a big difference

i dont really care will this be a draft or random round.
there are just 3 main factors that need to be changed:

no odd number of fams.
big map with more systems or smaller map. traveling times was the most annoying thing this round + made fighting not so interesting. just plain ping pong.
bring back ingame naps. as i see now people dont honor naps or agreements these days.

heres my opinion :stuck_out_tongue:

Let’s keep MW the traditional galaxy with 7 - 10 smaller fams… leave these weird KOTH and large fam set ups for alternate galaxies… I am afraid this last round has driven down the player base substantially.