New year, New...?

This King wants to know what you plan for the New year’s. Any resolutions or revelations? Any plans that you will definitely follow through on? Let me know, down below!



Not to die!

Resolution, also not to die!

I should be able to keep these this year!


Ha ha ha better than nothing!

Win a round in IC

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maybe we can line you up with a Solo galaxy, just you :slight_smile:

anyways… my wish is for everyone to be healthy an happy next year.


3 big ones come to mind:

  1. The biggest one for me is focusing more on the positive side of things: finding the upside of negative situations and leveraging failures as learning opportunities.

  2. Somewhat related, but I also want to be nicer to people I encounter that are aggressive and contentious. I want to focus more on unity and common ground over division and disagreements.

  3. I want to delegate more of the work I do so I don’t spread myself as thin as I did last year.

What about you @kingray?

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I have 3 goals for this year,

  1. Continue pushing for an ADHD/ Neuro Diverse diagnosis
  2. Go back to school and get a second degree that I will actually use.
  3. Create more content, continue doing podcasts but broaden the scope, begin streaming, create youtube, I have a lot of idea.

Not really much I want to do 2020 was not too bad to me at all. Did not get the Rona :clap:t5: did have some major life changes though…and I started a new position at work. Things I am focusing on this year are:

  1. Being a better friend and person. I’m already actually really nice and actually am a good person but always room for improvement.

  2. Finish my college degree…it’s been put off for long enough now. I’m gonna do it no matter what sacrifices I have to make.

  3. Play more games. Game is such an integral part of my life.

  4. Grow my faith. (Maybe the most important in this lists)

  5. Grow my money and learn more about stocks and trading…had a great year in stocks 2020 now I want to have an even better year.

There is so much more, but this is my focus really.

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