New VIP Membership Upgrade


Hi folks.

I was wondering how players would feel about a VIP Membership or upgrade system again?

Guess there are various aspects to this post, for example…

A: I have noticed comments basically saying, no one bothers donating any more.

B: Having looked at donating myself its clear that you get VERY LITTLE for donating.

C: That now you have to follow Patreon rather than just one yearly payment. Putting that another way, you have to mess around with a monthly direct debit rather than just making the payment.

D: That actually the only benefits you get now are Discord benefits, basically this is paying money simply to have your name highlighted in the Discord chat or whatever.

What I’m seeing is a method of donation that ties you into a direct debit and actually gives 0% in game benefits, not even fun or cosmetic ones.

I would assume that a lot more people would be willing to donate if there were actual in game benefits / in game recognition, rather than just Discord benefits.

However please let me make this part clear… I am NOT talking about a pay to win system, but simply something that gives enough benefit to make it worth donating again.


What benefits could a new VIP system have?

Are you happy as players just getting Discord benefits, or would you be more likely to upgrade if you got some actual in game benefits and recognition?

What benefits could a VIP system give that wouldn’t break the game or be pay to win?

Basically if you could create a VIP pay to upgrade system what would be included?

Some basic ideas could perhaps include:

  • Tagged in game as an IC supporter.

  • Ability to rename planets you own.

  • Access to a special site supporter only spell or operation.

  • +5 Custom race points.

  • One family draft code

  • More map functionality maybe.

  • Max morale of 110%

  • The secret recipe for Foohon Pie

Then the Discord benefits thrown on top as well, or whatever else other people can think of?

Guess my overall point is that if people have stopped donating / if people really don’t see the point in just paying for Discord benefits, then it would seem a reworking of the VIP system would be a good first step in getting people to donate again.

I feel every player you have left is a VIP / Veteran anyway and guessing a lot of them wouldn’t mind donating if there was a VIP membership in place with some nice, fun, new options attached.

No I’m not saying it would break the bank or make thousands, but still if each player who returned was faced with with a nice upgrade option maybe some people would.

Guess its the same with IC right? I mean if your income stream is broken you fix it.

Basically I’d not see designing a proper VIP membership system again as being a waste of time?

That in my eyes if your way of getting donations is broken or unattractive then you won’t get donations. If your way of getting donations is new, fancy, working, beneficial, fun then suddenly people will donate.

Guess for me fixing the VIP membership or upgrade system would be a key priority.

This not only urges the current player base to donate again, but also hits any new or returning player. That if loads of people were suddenly to come back to the game there would be a fully working and beneficial upgrade system waiting.

Guess in IC terms its like saying the banker is broken / the banker has been raided.

That its a problem that needs fixing and then slowly money starts to trickle in again.

Basically I’d make the VIP upgrade section as attractive and workable as possible and that would help restore a little income for the site.

You are basically rebuilding your banker / income stream.

I will say again, I’m NOT talking about a PAY TO WIN system, but simply reworking the upgrade system so that it would be fun / beneficial / better / more attractive / easier to access.

How would you feel about donating if there was a better upgrade system in place?

Do you think new or returning IC players would pay to upgrade if the options were better?

What benefits would you like to see in a donate / upgrade package?

The overall point here been this helps IC whilst giving players some cool / new / fun benefits as well, so everyone wins.

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