New Tag System

Okay, so currently to my understanding we have tags such as:

Leader - No Benefit
Vice Leader - No Benefit
Fleet Admiral - +5% Attack

This feels a little old / boring / dated so I wondered about an upgrade to this.

Leader: +10% Attack +5% Income
Vice Leader: + 10% Income +5% Attack
Fleet Admiral: +5% Attack
Fleet Banker: +5% Income
Fleet Resources: +5% Science
Special Operations: +5% Magic

Something along those lines? With a player being allowed only 1 tag.

This means in a 6 person family everyone could have a tag, where in smaller family games such as 3 / 4 person families then you would have to pick and choose which tags to hand out which adds a new dynamic to the game.

I think that would be interesting as each round a family would need to decide what tags to give out. Do they want to go all out income or attack? Maybe they want to load a Pax up with the +5% Magic?

In slightly larger families it gives most people a tag, or in smaller families it gives an interesting choice. Tags can also be changed so it would give the family the choice of evolving races mid round and changing tags if they wished.


Good idea, but I feel like the leader shouldn’t have a attack bonus…maybe and income bonus or a ops/spells bonus

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Thanks :slight_smile: and yes the list above was just an example.

I basically feel the leader should get something for being leader. That the vice leader should get something for being vice leader and so on.

I think it would interesting to see how people structure families and what tags they choose.

Seems fun without changing the game too much.

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Agreed there.