New player Guide/My round experience

This is the first round in many years where I started at SOR. (I played last round but I joined in the middle). I think a guide would be extremely useful for new players. I know this has probably been brought up a lot already, but here is what I saw this round.

This is me: 4 Anon
I’m am currently playing solo because everyone in my fam went inactive. When the round first started, Pie joined our fam and donated all his resources to NSFK. It looks like he was a newer player because right off the bat, he made a ton of units and not enough CFs, which is why I think he ran out of money and went inactive. I think if there was something in the game that would recommend players to build primarily cfs (maybe recommend to build 185cfs, 50 mfs, 10 RSs, 5 Farms on starting planet) that could at least get new players going.


Hey thanks for posting and good idea.

Pie in that fam wasn’t me btw.

Good luck with it, I hope you guys get more joins soon. :+1:

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