New Patreon Goal: Ad Budget

I’m happy to announce that we have a new goal for our Patreon funding: being able to run ad campaigns!

Within the last year we experimented with paid ads on Google, Facebook, and Reddit. We saw some success with a few different ad types but it was mostly intended to get a sense of what was possible. Until now, there were no plans to commit to a paid ad strategy.

That can and will change, and is our exact goal for our next funding milestone. We will continue to explore free promotional endeavors as well, but having a bit of cash behind us will allow us to more quickly and effectively reach new players for a better experience for everybody.

Are you on the fence?

Imperial Conflict is and will always be free to play and there are no obligations to become a Patron.
That said, here a few things to consider:

  • Our current highest tier, $25/mo Patron Commander, comes out to under 83 cents a day. Does Imperial Conflict provide 83 cents worth of daily value for you? If so, subscribing would be a great way to show it!

Support IC’s development and become a Patron Commander.

  • Our lowest tier, $1/mo Patron Defender, comes out to under 4 cents a day, or $12 for an entire year’s worth of gaming. If you’re interested in a cheaper option, this is it!

Support IC’s development and become a Patron Defender.

  • You can pay what you want. If instead, you’d like to determine on your own what Imperial Conflict’s value is to you, you can specify your own amount. Just choose any option and specify your own subscription amount. Patreon makes this easy.

Support IC’s development and Choose your own Adventure.

And of course, each subscriber is entitled to rewards! :gift:

I’m excited to reach this next goal with you guys, and want to say thank you to all of our current Patrons who are leading the way. I look forward to meeting our next goal with you all. :slight_smile:

We’re 44% of the way already to our $500/mo goal. :checkered_flag: Let’s do it!

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