New galaxy event idea - out of business

I’m not sure if a galaxy event will be best for this but it beats changing the entire meta of the game for the entire round. Have buildings close down/go out of business when you have no gold and negative income. This will mean that non-bankers in the fam will need to have upkeep over night (since just by their nature, bankers will be able to stay afloat) in case of the galaxy event.

It was just a flash thought so it could be fun or complete shit.

EDIT: I know that upkeep is needed for fleet already so it more just affects ressies that unless defending, don’t need squat to survive

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Until I see a new event, op, spell introduced to this game I am going to assume that it cannot be done. We have had some great ideas for new events spells and ops but Pie has never implemented any of them, I can only assume that he doesn’t know how. (Reverse psychology)


Or cold hard truth