New EPL Podcast

Some of you may know, but a friend of mine and I have a semi-regular monthly-ish podcast on the English Premier League, as well as occasionally (and hopefully more regularly) other sports.

We have posted out latest podcast (as well as last months a month late) over on our blog, if you are interested please head over and have a listen.

You can also join us in our discord or facebook page


Do you cover Champions League as well? Then I’m interested :smiley:

We do a little bit, our main focus is really our teams (Chelski for me and ManU for NumberNine), so we can get into champs league a bit. We also do talk a bit of cricket, but mostly around the New Zealand domestic internationals.

When the champs league gets to knockouts we may discuss more of it

We are looking to branch out a bit further, so are considering covering more Rugby (union and league) as well as US sports and e-sports (although that will mostly be Age2 stuff, and maybe some LoL)

That’s cool I will give it a listen!

Me and my friends also started a football podcast over the lockdowns called 4 Mancs, 1 Toffee (four united fans, 1 evertonian) -

On all major podcasting sites (spotify, Apple, anchor etc) and we also are on all major social mediaz

We talk all premier league, internationals, champions league when it comes around, and generally just have a bit of a laugh and swear a lot. We have been likened to sitting having a chat with your mates in the pub about footy - which is exactly what we want to try and portray!

Sorry to piggyback your thread :stuck_out_tongue:

No worries; that is pretty much my friends and I format as well. Just the two of us Kiwis (New Zealanders) talking about the English game from the other side of the world! and pretending we know what we are talking about

The love of football transcends borders! Nice job!