New Central Site for IC Stats

I have created a new central website for all my IC Stats webpages of the past and current round (Andro-52). This includes my recent attempt at an honour score. I hope to add more data and stats over the coming month or so

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The stats site has been updated with the new round. Now there is the new Andro 53 Stats page

The honour page has been updated as well to accept honour submissions for the new round

Also, here are the results from the honour submissions last round

There were 39 total votes, with 24 being positive and 15 negative. For better or worse Dasher of #7701 was voted highest honour for the round with a total of +6 after 6 votes! congratulations you mysterious person you.

Voted worst were Kevin McAllister (#7705), Angel666 (#7700), BaconCheeseDong (#7704) and ChaconBeeseBong (#7704), each with -2 honour (all but Angel666 had 2 vote, with Angel666 having 4 votes). Shame on the lot of you and each of your mysterious and unknown houses!