Negative unit count after disband

Disbanded all my units and this happened
bug1 bug2

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That does not occur just there. If you look at the total count for your buildings and your fleet, both tallies are generally off slightly.

Uncertain why the game has such a hard time with simple math. But it does make you wonder if the attack and spec ops formulas as well as science and NW formulas are just as wonky.

If in doubt blame floating point rounding errors.

You’d be horrified at some of the calculations I’ve found lol. The old code has a way of over-complicating things such that trying to fix something simple can risk breaking everything. That’s why stuff like this that is conceptually a no-brainer is always such a pain in the ass to remedy.

The attack formula for sure is a crazy wonky blackbox of a feature. It’s maddening.

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