Need advice Ask jets? dear abby style

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Dear Mr. Teapot wrote
Sometimes work gets me stressed. What are you recommendations for relaxing?

First off thanks for asking such a great question and I want to assure you that you’re not alone. The stress keeps building up inside you as if you were a teapot. Without knowing how to properly and healthily release this stress some serious medical conditions could become of the unrelieved stress. Exercise may not sound like relaxing ,but will help you relax better after the exercise is over with. While you at work I suggest you take a walk or do a few jumping jacks like we all did when we were young. Many people can bring their work home with them and in reality they are just bringing their stress home with them also. Biking and swimming are also great exercises to do after a hard day at work. Your body needs to release this stress in a healthy fashion.

Once the stress is relieved wherever you are and whatever you are doing in the moment can be relaxing. Listening to the noises the sounds of the birds chirping can sound like an orchestra in the right peace of mind. Just do the things you love to relax and when you do these things without stress you will enjoy them like never before.


Dear lonely asks?

Dear Abby,
I want to be a better attacker, teach me how.


Dear lonely,
The truth is your either born with the gift or not ,but your question wasn’t how do i become the best attacker ,but how to be better at it. Also I wonder if your loneliness is caused by no one wanting to draft you because they rather draft stronger attackers. I am sorry if that is the case for you. Again to rehash Not everyone can become a jedi nevermind being a Jedi master. Now that disclaimer was made Let me get to answering the question at hand how to be a better attacker.

For this question I would of loved some more detail. For someone never succeeding an attack before being better is subjective enough to mean that this person successfully attacks and gains the planet. The part of the battle that really really matters is the ground as this determines if you successfully gain the planet or not. In the battle phase the transports can be shot down and the soldiers/droids may never reach the ground. Fighters help protect the ground units ,but you will run into many players that keep their figs hidden. During a raid they can unhide these fighters and catch your whole military by surprise.

I will break down attacking to 3 parts.

  1. Do you carelessly waste units attack a planet without sending enough bombers. leave your fighters out and get fig run’d while off line. It is also tricky to recall figs when the number is constantly changing. Minimize mistakes is step 1 of being better at attacking.

  2. Be aware constantly tickly check systems watch the galaxy and see what the other fams are doing. Do not let the game come to you. Make the game come to them. When others are forced into tough choices mistakes can be made. Put the other players and other attackers in this mindset as often as possible.

  3. Retake I know it may sound stupid ,but even the best attackers can not be bothered to take the time to do such a thing.

I feel like if you put in the work, put in the time (no sleep or sleeping 50-55 minutes at a time), and just be aware of what is going on around you. Then you will be better at attacking.


Dear abby,

I think my sister is my mom?

Dear confused
First off this very well could be the case. In the past families used to be very large with siblings being 20 years apart in some situations. It is possible your sister has gotten pregnant and carried you for 9 months. Your mom (your actual grandma) cared for you as a son. And your sister is actually your mom. You could get a blood test DNA test or just ask the question. See if they tell you the truth. The truth may be that your mom is your mom also. This is a real possibility, or that you are adopted and neither of these two women are your biological mom.

Dear Jetsica
How do I win infin? Also, please give me your best alcoholic drink recipe.



You asked how to win infil ,but the round doesn’t end for 98.6 more years. I suggest you either live to be 130-150 depending on your current age. Or you train up your kids that will be written into the will as the rightful aire to the throne.

Second question about drinks. I prefer vodka a good one is to get whipped vodka and mix with orange soda for a creamsicle. Can mix per your taste ,but 3 oz vodka for 12-16 oz. Would be a more flavorful drink. Vodka sours are also great and easy enough to make using the mixer. Add some cherries or grenadine and you have cherry vodka sour. I know these aren’t the most creative you could always make an adios mother fucker. Juicy drink that will knock your ass out. Sorry no real recipe I usually just mix them to my desired taste on the stronger side.

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Dear Jetsica,

Will I go to heaven?

Dear faith,
What a good question ,but also a very complicated one to answer without details. Have you asked for forgiveness. Have you accepted Jesus as your Lord and saviour. He washes away your sins as he was the sacrifice for all of us. Before Jesus came the believers would offer burnt offerings such as lamb or a calf. God sacrificed his own son for you faith. If you believe and have faith than yes. You can trust that you will.

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I love you Jets so my question is am I gay and if so should I let my wife know?

I love you Jets so my question is am I gay and if so should I let my wife know?

This is normally done anonymously ,but Mr.Whiteshadow since you seem to be all ready to be out of the closet I will do my best to answer your question. For as long as I known you I remember you taking about the penis’s and the sizes of other players this fascination may have turned into an obsession. You mentioned before how yours is small ,but you can do more with it. This in itself doesn’t make you gay ,but if you find yourself longing to be with other men for their hairy chests and rough sweaty palms to surround you and keep you warm at night you very well could be. Now many married couples are fine with having open relationships and this may come as quite a shock after so many years.

She might also answer with I already knew that and just be fine staying married and letting you two be happy with other people. By now you probably sleep in different rooms which is common with couples of your age. It also may be ok not to rock the boat and keep this secret ,but the truth always has a way of coming to light. A secret like this could bring the whole world down. You have to search deep down inside and look at the man in the mirror and know yourself.

Best of luck Mr.Whiteshadow in whatever path you choose.

I choose you Jets :nerd_face:

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Thanks ,but I am not into dudes.

That’s the thing, I now identify as a female so are we good?